Once upon a time, not very long ago, there was a gluten free Gal who couldn’t figure out why some days her eyes felt swollen and heavy and other days they didn’t. She was annoyed with the way the breakouts on her face seemed to rise and fall at random times. She was frustrated with how badly her hands itched sometimes and the odd bloody scabs that randomly appeared on her scalp.

But finally, her Fairy Godmother whispered in her ear and pointed an accusing wand at the makeup pots on the bathroom counter, the shampoo bottles in the shower and the lotion pump under the sink. The Gal was astonished and alarmed and she began to vigorously research the idea to see if Gluten could possibly be in her cosmetics and skincare, and if that could be aggravating her body.

Sure enough, incriminating evidence began to appear. She discovered that Wheat-based components are very common in makeup, but are not always easy to spot in the lengthy lists of unpronounceable ingredients on the back of makeup boxes. She discovered that, like food, navigating Gluten Free through the makeup world is a tricky business, full of ruts, potholes and dead ends.

In all of her research, the Gal was surprised to find very few people talking about Gluten Free makeup. Some Celiac bloggers wrote a post or two about it, a few even had a full page’s worth on the topic. But the Gal could find no-one with the reviews, documentation or research she was anxious to know.

And so, she started Gluten Free Makeup Gal. Her goal is to prevent gluten related illness and discomfort from sneaking in through our makeup. To that end, she is sharing her research, her reviews and her discoveries about Gluten Free Makeup.