Do you miss walking into stores and just buying whatever struck your fancy? Or being able to test the colors on your skin before committing to a purchase?

If you’re extremely sensitive to topical gluten, you probably already have The Gluten Free Makeup List and so know what stuff you can play with. But if you’re not-so-sensitive and just want to avoid major gluten ingredients, how do you know where to look?

I’ve gotcha, girl. I contacted every. single. company. that is CURRENTLY carried in Sephora. And yeah, if you think that took me a full work-week’s of time, you’d be darn right.

With THIS knowledge in hand, I have compiled the answers of all the companies who claim their products are gluten-free. If they gave a more detailed answer, I gave it to ‘ya.

As always, it’s up to you to decide where your comfort level is. If you only want strictly and safely gluten-free brands, check out The Gluten Free Makeup List. If you want to explore a little more, check out what you can buy in Sephora below.

Gluten-Free Makeup Brands At Sephora:

updated 2023:: The following brands are no longer available at Sephora, so they’ve been removed from the list.

DERMAdoctor, KAPLAN MD, Kari Gran, Madison Reed, Ouidad, Skin Inc Supplement Bar.

You can still purchase their products from Ulta or the brand’s website.

Artis (Brushes & Tools)

  •  All GF

Biossance (Skincare)

  • Not all GF
  • Although many of our products do not contain gluten, none of our products are certified gluten free. As always, we encourage customers who have serious allergies to consult a doctor or conduct a patch test before using any product

Bite Beauty (Makeup, Skincare)

  • Used to be all GF. Now says “Many of our shades are gluten free”

Caudalie (Skincare)

  • Some are gluten free

FARSÁLI (Skincare)

  • Our products they are 100% cruelty free, 100% Vegan friendly and they are gluten free.
  • Although some of the products contains Omega 3’s, there are actually several vegan sources of omega 3. Including oils, nuts, and seeds and do not have any cross contamination with gluten products.

Four Sigmatic (Beauty Supplements)

  • All of our products are gluten-free and vegan.
  • None of our ingredients include gluten or are derived from an animal.
  • Our warehouses/facilities are not gluten-free certified.

Giorgio Armani Beauty (Makeup, Fragrance)

  • Some are GF
  • Most ingredients derived from grain sources are highly refined and retain no traces of gluten proteins. For less refined ingredients from natural sources,& Giorgio Armani Beauty has established strict limits on the level of potentially allergenic proteins.

Givenchy (Makeup, Fragrance)

  • All GF
  • Not only can we ensure that none of our products (lipsticks and other cosmetic products) contains gluten as an added ingredient in the formula, but in order to go even further in the vegetal risky proteins (including all wheat protein hydrolysates) from our products, even though these ingredients are still widely used elsewhere.
  • All documentation from our supplier indicates that the Tocopherol used in our products is gluten-free

Good Dye Young (Hair)

  • GDY’s products are gluten free as well as cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free!

Hourglass (Makeup)

  • Many Hourglass products are produced without gluten (wheat, barley and rye) extracts, and you can shop all gluten free products here.
  • Please consult Hourglass packaging for the complete list of “free of” ingredients.

IGK (Hair)

  • All GF

ILIA (Makeup)

  • All GF
    Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, GMO, Synthetic Fragrances, gluten, and talc

IT Cosmetics (Makeup, Skincare)

  • All GF

Jack Black (Skincare for men)

  • Most, but not all, of our products are gluten-free

Jouer Cosmetics (Makeup)

  • Here is a list of Jouer products that are gluten free:Eyes -Essential Jet-Set Eyeshadow Palette
    Kitten Liner
    Springtime in Paris Eyeshadow Palette
    Slim Creme Eyeliner
    Essential Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
    Powder Eyeshadows
    Crème EyeshadowsLips -Jet-Set Lip Kits
    High Pigment Lip Gloss
    High Pigment Pearl Lip Gloss
    Sheer Pigment Lip Gloss
    Long-Wear Creme Lip Liners
    Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick
    Long-Wear Lip Topper™
    Hydrating Lipstick
    Essential Lip Enhancer
    Tinted Lip EnhancersFace -Sunswept Bronzer Duos
    Blush Bouquet Duos
    Powder Highlighter
    Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation
    Cheek & Lip Tint
    Crème Highlighters
    Age-Repairing Concealer
    Age-Repairing Perfector
    Luminizing Moisture Tint
    Matte Moisture Tint
    Mineral Face Powder
    Mattifying Translucent Powder
    Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil
    Daily Repair Oil
    Anti-Aging Moisture Primer
    Anti-Blemish Matte Primer
    Luminizing Liquid Highlighter
    Luminzing Brightening Powder
    Sheer Matte Powder & Bronzer Duo
    Sheer Bronzing TintBath & Body -Bath & Body Oil

Koh Gen Do (Makeup)

  • The following products are GF:
    Oriental Plants Soap
    Oriental Plants Essence
    Macro Vintage Eye Treatment
    Brightening Moisture Mask
    Soft Gommage Gel
    Moisture Foundation
    Face Powder
    Natural Lighting Powder
    Pressed Powder
    Moisture Concealer
    Lip Crayon
    Contrast Powder
    Moisture Concealer
    Eye Shadow Palette

Kopari (Skin, Bath & Body)

  • Our products are always gluten free and never contain nut oils.
  • However, customers with allergies should review our ingredient decks with their healthcare provider prior to purchasing our products.
  • To view a product’s ingredient deck, find that particular product on the “Shop” page, then scroll down until you see “Full Ingredient List” on the right-hand side.

KORRES (Skincare)

  • The Formula Facts table found on the individual product description pages makes extended reference to the natural content of each formulation as well as the ingredients that we select and those we avoid.
  • Specifically for Gluten: WHEAT YES / this means the product may contain wheat-derived ingredients; WHEAT / NUTS (added or traces) YES / this means that the product may contain wheat / nut traces yet in low-value proportions [parts-per-million (ppm)]

LANEIGE (Skincare)

  • While none of our products contain gluten, some do come in contact with wheat-derived ingredients, so if you’re very sensitive, we’d recommend steering away from our Multi Cleanser, Oil Free Liquid Cleanser, and Power Essential Toner.


  • Yes they are gluten free

Lord Jones (Skincare, Bath & Body)

  • Yes, all Lord Jones products are gluten free

LXMI (Skincare)

  • Yes, our products are gluten free

Moon Juice (Skincare, Bath & Body)

  • All GF

Mount Lai (Beauty tools)

  • Thank you for your email! Yes! All of our products are gluten-free!

Murad (Skinare, Bath &Body)

  • The list of products below have been identified to have a wheat or oat derivative in them. As with any allergy it is best to consult your physician if there is any concern regarding gluten. In addition, I am certainly more than happy to assist you in creating a regimen that would address your specific concerns while avoiding any form of gluten.ACNE CONTROL / ANTI-AGING ACNE
    Skin Perfecting Lotion (low level, wheat and oat source)AGE REFORM®
    Complete Reform with Glyco Firming Complex (wheat and oat source)
    Intensive Wrinkle Reducer
    Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF30 | PA+++ (wheat and oat source)
    Perfecting Night Cream (oat source)
    Skin Perfecting Lotion (low level, wheat and oat source)
    RESURGENCE®Age Diffusing Firming Mask (wheat and oat source)

NUDESTIX (Makeup, Skincare)

  • No way! All our products are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, gluten free, and formulated with the most skin loving ingredients.

Olaplex (Hair)

  • All GF
  • OLAPLEX is entirely non-toxic, free of sulfates, phthalates, DEA, peroxide, aldehydes, and gluten.

Rahua (Hair)

  • Yes, Rahua® products are gluten-free.
  • In lieu of beauty ingredients which typically contain gluten, we use quinoa. We discovered that this superfood from the Andes Mountains has a small molecular weight, which allows it to penetrate deeper, strengthening hair and improving skin’s elasticity. Those with gluten sensitivities can use our products without worry.

Skin Laundry (Skincare)

  • All GF

Summer Fridays (Skincare)

  • All GF

Tarte (Makeup, Skincare)

  • All of our products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten, just to name a few.
  • Tarte cannot guarantee that any ingredients or products were produced in an allergen free environment.

Taste Beauty (Makeup)

  • Our products are gluten-free and never tested on animals

Too Faced (Makeup, Skincare)

  • All products are gluten free with the exception of our Borderline Lip Pencil
  • Some of the products may be produced on shared equipment so cross-contamination may be an issue

Velour Lashes (Makeup)

  • To our knowledge, our adhesives do not contain gluten

Verb (Haircare)

  • All of our products are color safe and free of parabens, gluten, and harmful sulfates.

Wander Beauty (Makeup, Skincare)

  • The following items are gluten free:
    On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator
    Wanderess Cheek Tint
    Catch the Highlighter
    Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel
    Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick
    Up Close Kiss Lipstick
    Exquisite Eye Liquid Eye Shadow

YUNI (Skincare, Hair)

  • Yes, our products are gluten-free.

Which of these brands have you tried? Did you like them? Or did they not work for you?

If you are looking for gluten-free brands at Ulta, you can find a full list here.