Gluten Free Skin Care Unlike any You’ve Ever Seen – Arigato

When I first made the switch to gluten free skin care, I thought my options were narrowing. I thought I would be stuck using one or two brands of gluten free skin care.

But I was wrong.

When you turn your gaze in a new direction, you see things you’ve never seen before. When pushed out of your comfort zone, you’re forced to try things you’ve never tried before. And that leads to leaning new things, finding new roads to take and making surprising discoveries.

Such as…

Did you know that awesome gluten free skin care can be formulated with 4 ingredients or less?

It’s unheard of, I know! And I was kinda skeptical. But you gotta admit- the concept is intriguing.


Easy Gluten Free Art on your Nails – Jamberry Nails

I’m gonna be real honest about something. It’s something that’s actually kept me from doing reviews like this in the past. Well, no, not reviews. It’s kept me from doing pictures like this before.

Because… I have horrible nails.

This is partly my fault, because I always forget to use the nail oils that I have that I know work, and partly because I’m just really hard on my nails. But as a result, I tend to keep them short and leave them be.

But when I got these Jamberry Nail wraps in the mail, I just couldn’t say no. They were so pretty. So cute. So lovely. And so I grew my nails out just for this picture.​

Actually I meant to take a lot more pictures than that, but I chickened out. Oh well. 

Bask in the glory of my beautified nails.

As a quick note, Jamberry Nails is not a 100% gluten free company.

They also sell nail care and nail polish and these products are not gluten free. However, all of the 200+ nail wrap designs are totally safe.

So how did I like it?

After staring at the rows upon rows of stunning patterns on the website, I only had two concerns:

  1. Application Process
  2. Length of time it stays good

1. Process

My #1 concern with a nail wrap was pretty basic: Application process. Would it be easy to use for everything-nail-challenged me? Well. Take a look at that photo again and you tell me. See how smooth they are? First time to ever apply a nail wrap and that’s what I got. Pretty sweet, huh?

A few days later I rapidly saw where skill could have improved the application, because it began to crease at the tips a little. It was barely noticable, but I wondered if it would have a bearing on how long they lasted.​

Which brings me to…​

2. Lasting Power​

The wraps are said to last two weeks on fingernails. I thought ‘Aw sure, if you’re good at it. Bet it won’t last that long for me.’

Well. It did. It lasted a full two weeks! As the wraps wore on, the tips began to fray and want to peel, but it wasn’t until right about the two week mark I finally decided it was the end of their lifetime. ​Only afterwards did I realize that “moment” was exactly two weeks after I first applied them.

All in all, I love these nail wraps! They are gorgeous, easy to apply and loads of fun! ​

My Top 10 Gluten Free Cosmetic Stocking Stuffers

I love stockings!  I love the little things tucked away inside the over-sized sock.  I love how creative and meaningful these tiny things can be.  I love how each stocking reflects the personality of the receiver.  And I love knowing how much care has gone into stuffing each one.  Such a warm, fuzzy feeling as you dip your hand into the mysterious depths of the stocking.  And of course there’s the fun of not even having a clue what’s down there!

Thinking of stuffing your loved ones stockings with makeup and face care items this year?  Here’s my top 10 list!

  1. Alima Pure’s Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow (lightly sparkly eye shadows FTW!! 😀 )
  2. Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea Mask (just learned Pangea Organics is entirely gluten free!! Post coming soon on that.)
  3. Cleure’s Natural Nail Polish (rich shades) (all natural nail polish that are such lovely colors!)
  4. Afterglow’s Powder Eyeliner (delightfully versatile- can also be used as an eye shadow)
  5. Ecco Bella’s Lip Crayons (like a lipstick, lip liner and lip treatment all in one! Never seen anything quite like it.)
  6. Ecco Bella’s Dark Chocolate Face Mask (this looks yummy enough to eat.)
  7. Pure Skn’s Lip Plumper (wooo!! All natural GF lip plumping stuff!! )
  8. Red Apple Lipstick’s Lip Gloss (long lasting and SUPER shiny!)
  9. Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow (’cause there’s no such thing as too much eye shadow)
  10. Red Apple Lipstick’s Lipstick (’cause everyone could use another tube of gluten free lipstick and this stuff rocks! 😀 )

And there ‘ya have it! There’s sooo many awesome things out there, it was hard to make it just 10. 😛 Here’s hopin’ some of this lands in some lucky gal’s stocking this year!


Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free Lip Balm Bliss – Booda Organics

Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind
As man’s ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude.

“Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind” ~William Shakespeare

A cracked lip; raw skin.
I pined for orange flickers
Dancing off a cheery fire.

“Winter” ~Mark R Slaughter

Winter is coming folks- hooraaaay Captain Obvious! But seriously, it’s time to stock up on skin nurturing stuff to keep ourselves from cracking into dry, parched, colorless creatures as the cold wind blows. “Thy breath be rude”, winter. But we’re gonna beat ‘ya.

I had a reader contact me the other day, asking about Booda Organics lip balm. She wanted to know if I had ever heard of them and if so, if they were safe.

Upon viewing their site, I was delighted with their adorable logo (happy chubby Buddha!) and the statement on the front page:

Crafted by hand with care, our products utilize only the highest quality, organic and vegan ingredients – and just as importantly, our products never include any harmful toxins or pollutants because we understand and respect that what goes ON your body, will go IN your body!

The lip balm ingredients are pure, simple and powerful. Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Candelilla Wax. The ingredients are naturally gluten free… But what about source contamination?

I contacted the company and asked them directly about this. I received a reply very quickly afterwards:

We have never included any gluten ingredients in our products and never will. We verify with all of our suppliers that our ingredients come from a pure source and have not been tampered with. We live a gluten free lifestyle ourselves, so we understand what it truly requires and take great care in providing products without gluten.

Is that awesome or what!?

I got to try Booda Organics’ lip balm, known as “Booda Butter Naked Lip Balm”. As I started to tear into the pretty, eco friendly packaging, I was suddenly swarmed by members of the household. “Oh wow! You’ve got so many! Can I have one??” In the end, a good portion of the household skipped off clutching an oval tube of Booda Butter, or sharing one together. My little “stash” vanished nearly before I’d even been able to examine it all properly.

My father was around at the time and he’s pretty much a lip balm addict. Always has a tube on him, in the car, by the computer, somewhere he can swipe and move on. So I gave him a tube and he immediately put the lip balm on. He sat for a moment, thoughtfully rubbing his lips together.

“Do my lips look shiny? They feel shiny…”
“Ummm… A little bit… But it is natural oils, so it should soak in pretty quick.” A few minutes later, I glanced up at him and observed his face thoughtfully. “Your lips aren’t shiny anymore, but they do look awfully soft.”
He began to laugh. “Well, that’s not exactly the look I’m going for!”
“Why don’t you try to cultivate a sneer to counteract the soft lips?”

In short, Booda Butter works marvelously! I really don’t know why else one applies lip balm except to get soft lips… lol And this does the job wonderfully, also leaving a thin protective layer on the surface of your lips.

One “balm thief” made the comment that she rather wished the balm was a wee bit thicker, noting that in the Texas heat, it tends to melt some and so make it a wee bit oily. It didn’t bother me in the slightest and in fact I hadn’t even noticed the oily feel.

I now keep my Booda balm near me at all times. Well, except for the times that I forget it, in which case I reach for it, find it missing and am disappointed. I love how it moisturizes my lips and how natural and good for my skin it is. It’s everything I could possibly wish for in a lip balm. I love my Booda Butter. <3

Gluten Free Skin Care that Makes You $$ – Lemongrass Spa

I heard about Lemongrass Spa just a few weeks ago, but right away I was very curious about them and their products. Why? Well, for one thing they have a fantastic selection. Gluten free makeup or gluten free skin care, they pretty much have it! But not only that, Lemongrass Spa is an all natural, gluten free skin care and makeup company that is based on a multi-level marketing system. Multi-level marketing is what Arbonne and other similarly built companies do to sell their products. I love that business model because of the opportunities they give to anyone wanting to work at home. What with the current highly questionable nature of Arbonne’s gluten free status, it’s nice to hear of a cosmetic related self employment opportunity that is more clear on just what exactly they do to keep their products gluten free.

Now, that said, Lemongrass Spa is gluten free except for two products. Both of these products contain oats that are not certified gluten free.

  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap
  • Almond Body Polish

Now before you freak (like I almost did), hear me out- I almost never approve companies like this. All gluten free except one or two products usually carries with it great danger of cross contamination. I can’t even begin to count how many “gluten free” skin care and makeup companies have told me they were “gluten free except-this-product” that I’ve not been able to add to my list because there were no precautions in place to ensure that those gluten products didn’t contaminate the ones that were “gluten free”. It’s just not worth it to me.

But Lemongrass Spa? Here’s what I was told they do to ensure that those two products do not contaminate the other products:

We avoid any and all cross contamination by using entirely different tools for our gluten free skin care and makeup product manufacturing. Even after sterilization, these tools are never mixed in the manufacturing process.

Now that sounds good. And because of this amount of care that they put into their processing, I feel comfortable personally using Lemongrass Spa products.

All this combined and I was really interested to check out their gluten free skin care and makeup products.

Jill, Lemongrass Spa’s National Sales Director, hooked me up with a great selection of stuff to try. In this Part 1 of a two part review, I’ll start to share with you my experience with the gluten free Skin Care portion of Lemongrass Spa.

For skin care, I was sent the Travel Face Care Kit for Oily/Blemished Skin Types, which includes:

  • Tea Tree Bar Soap
  • Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin
  • Hydrating Eye Creme
  • Dead Sea Facial Polish
  • Tea Tree Face Creme

On the whole, I really liked this set. I do have a fav product (of course, because I’m opinionated like that), but all of them worked quite well for me.

Tea Tree Bar Soap

I’ve actually never used a bar facial soap. That hasn’t been a purposeful avoidance, it’s just never happened before. 😛 When I first pulled it out, I wondered if it would be able to lather enough to even get the right amount of soap on my face. But that was a baseless concern. It lathers up plenty to get enough soap to clean your skin very well. It leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated. Plus the bar itself dries out well and doesn’t get all sticky because you used it once. This could make a fantastic travel or every day face soap.

All in all, I’m happy to say that my first facial bar soap experience was a very good one!

Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin

With somewhat similar ingredients to the tea tree bar soap, this cleansing gel has similar fresh, rejuvenating properties. To me though, this cleanser seemed to do more soothing than the bar soap. The bar woke my skin up, the cleansing gel calmed it down.

This is a lovely cleanser, with no drying effect despite being for oily, acne prone skin. Felt good, left my skin feeling clean and soft.

Hydrating Eye Creme

Y’all already know that I’m pretty new to the eye creme world. I’d always thought they were for ladies who were either staving off wrinkles or fighting them already. What I didn’t know is how powerful eye creme can be for soothing purposes. And for that, I love this eye creme.

I felt definite firmness around my eyes from the cream, but it’s the puff fighting properties that I like best. It feels so good and relaxing to rub over weary eyes. Not only that, it really seems to help reduce puffiness. Since I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, I’ve been dealing with a great deal of that. This creme really seems to help and I keep reaching for it again and again.

And that’s all for Part 1! My very favorite Lemongrass Spa gluten free skin care product is coming up next in Part 2. I will finish the skin care reviews and move on to the makeup I got to try. And one of those makeup products is destined to become a true favorite of mine… Can you guess which one?

Natural Nail Polish that Lasts for Days: Is it Even Possible? – LONDONTOWN

Let me start out by saying that I’m very biased towards LONDONTOWN.

Terrible way to start a review, huh? 😉

Here’s the thing though: This is my second review of this company. I’ve been using them for, what, two years now? And in that time, I still haven’t found a nail polish that I love more than them.

Their colors, their durability, their beauty, their gentleness…What’s not to love?

Products were used in this order:

  • Strengthening Lacquer Remover
  • Nail Hardener
  • Polish: Piccadilly Square
  • Glitter: Manchester Nights
  • Protective Top Coat

This exact set has lasted unchipped for up to 5 days. The one you see above even lasted through heavy cleaning without gloves. I’ve never had a polish last so well for me. Maybe I’m just a bad polish applicator (no, actually, I am), but LONDONTOWN tempts me to do my nails far more often than any other polish ever has.

Polish- Picadilly Square

Thick and creamy, this polish is a breeze to apply, even for me. Ha! It takes very few coats to get an even layer, and tends to be more forgiving if your strokes aren’t perfect. It dries to the touch within 20 mins or so, though still takes probably 6-8 hours to fully cure. Their colors are gorgeous, and they put out a new set every season. I’d really like to collect them all!

Picadilly Square is a true coral shade. Warm and cheery, it looks better on cooler skin tones. The model above has cool/neutral skin, and as you can see, it looks lovely on her!

Even by itself, this polish has pretty decent durability. But to get the most out of it, you really need to pair it with it’s sister products: Nail Hardener and Protective Top Coat.

Glitter- Manchester Nights

I’m so not a glitter person. But this glitter isn’t glitter. Well, it is, but not really.

There is only a tiny wash of color in the suspension polish, that adds the faintest hint of additional pink to the polish. The glitter itself is not at all sparkly. Rather, it has a pearlescent glow that adds an unexpected layer of fun elegance to the manicure. The suspension polish is very thin, but has excellent adherence. It leaves the glitter as a texture on the polish that does not knock off independently.

Nail Hardener

This stuff. This stuff is magic. Whatever polish you have on hand (pun intended), this bottom coat will grab it and make it last days longer than it would have on it’s own. However, to get the full power of this bottom coat, you really do need to pair it with LONDONTOWN’s own polish.

It has very little scent, dries extremely rapidly, yet makes your manicure last and last. There’s really not much more to say about it, but I love this stuff so much it feels like I should keep going. It just works. And now I never do a manicure without it.

Protective Top Coat

The final piece to the cocktail of enduring manicures: The top coat. LONDONTOWN’s top coat features a spit-shine finish, a decently thick consistency, and it’s own lasting power.

Again, it’s such a basic product, and yet it does it so well. I love the usage, the finish, and the way it stays clear and beautiful until the end.

Strengthening Lacquer Remover

Don’t you hate it when you try to use a polish remover, but it’s better at drying out your nails than removing the polish? It always irritates me to have to work at getting polish off my nails. But fortunately, LONDONTOWN’s Lacquer Remover does its job without fuss. Which, considering that it’s acetone free, is a mini-miracle. I don’t like acetone, but I tend to dislike non-acetone removers even more than the acetone itself. In this case, you get to ditch the chemical and get a great removal job at the same time.

Once again, this is my favorite nail polish brand. Long-lasting, beautiful and gentle. This is a love that can stand the tests of time. 😉

It’s Gluten Free! – Review – Afterglow

From the very beginning of my Gluten Free makeup search, Afterglow has stood out. Their website rocks, they have all the information I can think of anyone wanting to know about their products right on the website and I have heard many glowing reviews of their makeup. So naturally, I’ve been very curious to test Afterglow out for myself.

And now finally, I have. 😀 My Mom ordered a bit for herself and graciously has allowed me to raid it for purely test purposes (you’ve no idea how much I sacrifice for y’all). So thanks Mom!!

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Organic Aloe Concealer
  • Organic Triple Eye Treatment
  • Organic Mineral Foundation
  • Organic Mineral Blush
  • Organic Setting Powder
  • Organic Color Lock
  • Ultra Matte Eyeshadow
  • Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Powder Eyeliner

In short, I love this makeup.  The concealer is like a magic eraser, the foundation is smooth and has good cover, the blush is totally natural, the setting powder really polishes it off, the color lock works well and is super gentle and the eyeshadows and liners are vivid, smooth and lovely.

That’s about the gist of it there; keep reading to hear my more detailed review.  ;)

Organic Aloe Concealer

This stuff is incredible.  I can watch my widdle red spot vanish before my eyes like magic.  The only possible downside is that if the skin is a bit rough there, it does not smooth the crevices very well, leaving an uneven coating.  But then, I think most concealers do that too.  ;)

Organic Triple Eye Treatment

Honestly, I haven’t really used this much.  Mom does though and she tells me it works quite well.  Not only does she love the way it handles the puffiness and covers the dark circles, she loves the properties this oh-so-much-more-than-a-concealer has in the “anti-aging” department.  Trust me folks, she looks smashing now and has on several occasions been mistaken for my sister.  But if anything is going to keep those youthful eyes of hers looking youthful, the natural herbs should do it better than anything else.

Organic Mineral Foundation

This stuff is wow.  It goes on smooth, evens out my complexion, does not look flaky and lasts really well.  I love it!  I can’t really describe how wonderful it feels to my skin.  So silky, so gentle…  Impressive.

Organic Mineral Blush

This blush has a remarkably natural look to this.  It really adds such a lovely healthy glow!  So many blushes look “painted”, which I personally can’t stand.  As a matter of fact, I hate that look so much that I usually completely avoid blush in an effort to stay completely away from it.  But the natural translucency of this mineral makeup allows me to softly layer subtle tones in such a way that it looks utterly real.  No painting here ladies!  But if you do like a bright blush look, there is plenty of color in the powder to allow you to amp up the rouge to the maximum level.

Organic Setting Powder

This evened out the foundation, smoothed the finish and, when using the translucent powder, took nothing away from the color of the foundation.  Superb stuff!  Another of my Mom’s favorites.

Organic Color Lock

I was amazed at how gentle this was.  It was like water on my eyelids!  I used it like a primer, but just discovered that it’s also used to mix with the eyeshadows and liners to create liquid shadows and liners.  Heh, trust me to plunge ahead without reading all the instructions until much later…  9_9  Anyway, using it as a primer seemed to work very well.  As I first dabbed a few drops on the Color Lock seemed a bit liquid-y, but did not drip like I was afraid it would.  It seemed to intensify the colors of the eyeshadows and lent a very smooth base to paint on.  And it dropped the creasing to a minimum.

Ultra Matte Eyeshadow, Mineral Eyeshadow & Powder Eyeliner

What is interesting about these three products is that they are designed to be used practically wherever on your eye you want to use them.  The eyeliner can be used as a shadow, or the shadow can be used as an eyeliner, etc.  The eyeliners are more jewel toned, while the shadows are more natural.  They’re all simply gorgeous!  Take note, though, that without a primer they tend to crease rather badly.

But what I really love about these eyeshadows and eyeliners is their versatility.  Like the blush, they have this amazing translucency which lends itself to layering, mixing, using various amounts of shadow.  I’ve been able to use the very dark, very rich Ultra Matte “Cocoa” as a soft, naked looking shadow on my lid.  Sometimes, I put a bit too much of the eyeliner “Deep Eggplant” on my lid, so I put a dark layer of “Cocoa” in the crease, then covered my entire eye, brow bone, lid and crease with the Mineral Eyeshadow “Snow”.  The almost white powder blended into the Eggplant and Cocoa, brightening the colors and adding a soft glow without looking dusted in powered sugar.  Oh, how much time I’ve spent marveling over these eyeshadows.  I am a total fan now.  Major LOVE!

Closing thoughts

I love Afterglow.  Oh, did I say that already?  Sorry.  Lemme try to think of another way to sum this up.  Ummm…  How about…  Afterglow is stellar!!  Oh, too repetitive?  Oops.  Ummm….  Afterglow is a wonderful company dedicated to natural makeup that is kind to our skin, kind to the environment and kind to Celiacs.  And did I mention that their makeup is incredible?

Someday, I would like to try their lip stuff, especially the “Courage” lipstick.  My hankering for a really red lipstick hasn’t been fulfilled yet.  But for now, I’m delighted with the Afterglow stuff that I have snitch from my Mom.  This stuff is truly awesome.

I am SO Excited about this Brand New Gluten Free Makeup Company! – intuitive COLOR

Y’all already know that I’m head over heels for Gluten Free Beauty. Their products are sensational and work wonders. I am continually blown away by how fabulous their skin care products are.

Now the creator and owner of Gluten Free Beauty, Kristen Campbell Brown, is in the process of launching an entirely new company focused exclusively on makeup.

Introducing intuitive COLOR.

Being a crazy huge fan of Gluten Free Beauty, I had high hopes for intuitive COLOR. And I was not disappointed.

Intuitive COLOR

Intuitive COLOR is currently only making foundation, but oh what a different foundation it is. It’s applied in three steps with three different products.

Smooth, Color, Set – intuitive COLOR

You can actually mix and match these steps, but for the optimum look and healing power, use all three. It doesn’t take too long.


Nourishes the skin, soothes it and makes an excellent base to prepare your skin for the next step. I’ve actually been using this for a while, only under a different name. What I love about it is how fabulous a base it makes and how simultaneously it heals and moisturizes. Helps to cover pores, never sticky, helps to hold the foundation in place as though it were nearly part of your skin. It also just so happens to smell lovely. Bonus. 😎


At a glance, this fine powder looks pretty much like your average foundation. But it is in fact wildly different. The ingredients are:

Kaolin Clay, Boron Nitride, Pearl Powder and Iron Oxides

No Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which is said to be a big contributor to cakey makeup. These are all the lightest foundation materials possible, to create a powder that feels practically weightless yet still has good coverage.

Now, I would not say this has excellent coverage, on the grand spectrum of foundation coverage. It is what I would classify as a light coverage foundation. Buildable of course, but with an average application, still light. Now despite that, the coverage it does give belies it’s weightless feel. No foundation this light should give this much coverage. It defies logic. And it builds beyond what I’ve ever experienced without cakiness. I’ve yet to find that point where the foundation is so built up that it looks cakey. Therefore you could get incredible coverage with several layers of this foundation and still look fresh. No cakiness.


To finish off the look, perfect the finish and hold it all in place. What I love about this finishing powder is that it is entirely grain free. Many setting powders use rice flour or corn starch and for most people that’s perfectly fine. But with so many people avoiding gluten also avoiding other grains, it’s just something that’s always bothered me. This one does the job well without any type of grain.

I had a pretty shocking experience with intuitive COLOR on Saturday.

On Friday I got glutened. The restaurant was supposed to have fabulous gluten protocols in place too! But alas, either the new staff were untrained or they just always goof at that location. No idea, but I’m not going back. Anyway, my skin was enraged. Blotchy red all over my face, black circles under my eyes, random lumps and bumps… I felt like it was a zombie looking back at me in the mirror, nasty skin and all. Except it wasn’t green. Or torn. Or bleeding. Yet.

I was exhausted, but we were going out to a place where pictures would be taken. And I did not want that zombie face in that picture.

As I dug through my makeup box, I weighed the pros and cons of each foundation. Super heavy coverage, but tough to wash off? Hmm, too much energy required in clean up… Medium coverage that’s easy to wash off? Or-! Or relatively light coverage that has ingredients like a facial and could actually help my skin. Conversation with myself over, I grabbed intuitive COLOR’s color and just slapped it on. Sorry folks, not nearly enough energy to use much smooth first. I used only a wee bit under my eyes, because it would take a miracle to cover those gorgeous half shiners. It would have been better to use it all over, because it helps to intensify the coverage and increases the healing power. But one makes sacrifices when one has been glutened.

Several layers of foundation later- holy cow, I look almost normal. Almost. My eyes and actually my entire face is still puffy and I can’t hide that. But those circles are barely noticeable, the blotches are smoothed out, my skin looks soft and shockingly even. I looked in the mirror and saw a tired, rather puffy me. Not a zombie.

But the real surprise came when I took my makeup off.

My skin was smoother, less blotchy. The nasty breakouts looked less angry, though of course they were still there. The overall appearance was so much better than I’d expected, I just stared at my reflection. Only the shiners were still in full bloom. Everything else… Gentled. Taken care of. Pushed along the road to recovery much faster than I’d anticipated.

I was excited about this foundation before, but after that experience, I’m really excited. This fills a place in the makeup industry that I never realized needed filling. Feather light, buildable to something close to extreme amounts, non-cakey, super simplistic ingredients and just about as free of allergens as you could wish. Perhaps best of all, it cares for your skin in a way that I have never before seen in a foundation. In fact, as far as I know, it’s never before existed.

I would totally recommend intuitive COLOR. This company is going places!

Right now, intuitive COLOR is in the process of being fully launched. But you can still get the whole set through their Indiegogo page. Snag a set or two or TEN of intuitive COLOR and help launch a new company off the ground at the same time.

Not-Your-Average Flat Iron – Ferrum Flat Iron Reviewed

I’ve been debating for a while whether or not I should expand into reviewing makeup tools. It’s not specific for gluten free, of course, but I just keep running into cool beauty related gadgets that I feel are worth sharing. And sharing is caring, right? 😉

Well I ran across another tool the other day that caught my attention. I wasn’t looking for it and in fact had given up almost entirely because I thought that type of tool wouldn’t work for me like I wanted. And yet this one did.

The Ferrum Flat Iron

I’ve never seen a design like this. It intrigued me. And yet, I’ve gotta be honest: What the Ferrum was advertising didn’t seem like it would fit my hair type that well. They advertise the Ferrum as giving shiner, healthier, more vibrant hair and allows hair to breathe and cause less damage. Sounds great, right? Well I have extremely fine, straight, oily, silky hair. Thanks to the oil and texture, so it shines and shines, past the point of looking “attractive”, and tends to just look oily irritatingly rapidly. And with both a lack of heat retention and heavy “moisturizing”, burning is seldom an issue for me. In fact, I don’t remember ever having burnt it before.

That said, there’s something about this flat iron that works even for me.

That fabric plate is good for more than reducing burning

According to the info they give, the Ferrum’s fabric side allows hair to breathe, retain moisture and reduce burning. I honestly can’t be sure how drastic a difference it makes in these areas, thanks to my hair type, but I did discover another massive benefit.

You know how when you use a flat iron, it often gets so hot you can feel the heat through the back of the side? How touching your scalp with the plastic is sometimes enough to burn your poor skin? I am so paranoid about this, in the past I’ve decided to skip flat ironing entirely because of not wanting to deal with it. But with the Ferrum, the fabric side is the one you’re supposed to place under your hair, towards the scalp. This side, remember, is the unheated side. Therefore scalp burning is a thing of the past. This makes me very happy.

Fact: My hair is impossible to style. But the Ferrum styled it.

Maybe it’s the Nano 3, maybe it’s the design of the fabric plate, I don’t know. What I do know, is that my impossible to style hair styled.

Lemme give you an example of my normal experiences with hair straighteners, or curling irons, or anything like that. In the morning, I style my hair: Flip under, flip out, something like that usually. Then I can either do hairspray or not do hairspray. If I don’t do hairspray, my hair will be back to flat limp within the hour. If I DO do hairspray, then let’s hope it’s super hold hairspray because otherwise my hair will still fall out. Might reduce flyaways, but if it’s not nearly stiff with hairspray, it won’t hold the styling. And this is not an exaggeration, folks.

With the Ferrum, I flipped my hair under, left out hairspray, and ran around all day long. That night, there was still a soft flip left. Not as dramatic as at first, sure, but there was still curl.

The next day, I brushed out my hair, didn’t do much to it, and ran around again. That evening, I looked in the mirror and realized with a start that there was still curl left at the ends of my hair. From yesterday. Without hairspray.

I can’t even try to explain why this happened, but it did and I’ve never experienced this before in my life. My hair styled and it held for days!

Only one possible drawback to this flat iron, that I’ve experienced

The price. The Ferrum is about $180-$190, depending on where you get it from. This is quite the investment for a hair styling tool! I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t usually spend that much money on my hair. But… The Ferrum has given me hope for styling my hair. I’ve never been so enthralled with a flat iron in my life. So if you’re like me and have trouble getting your hair to style, this could be one of the greatest hair investments of your life.

Powerfully Natural Gluten Free Skincare You Should’ve Tried Ages Ago – Savvy Boheme

What do you really want from a skincare regime?

The grandest scientific breakthrough? A price tag to make your friends blanch? An A-list celebrity worshiping the label?

Of course not. Nobody really cares about that kind of thing. You just want it to work.

A smooth, silky texture to your skin. Clarity of color and little to no breakouts. That certain glow of health that every living being on earth recognizes in an instant.

To find these things, we search the skincare world over. Ever seeking that special regime that will finally give us what we want.

The search is over. The skin you want is right here.

There’s no gimmicks here. Nor icky chemicals. And obviously no gluten. Savvy Bohème cuts unnecessary ingredients to bring you a skincare experience you’ll never forget.

This regime brings together healing ingredients that work with your skin to help it rebuild itself. It’s designed to work with your skin at it’s base level of operation, not getting distracted by the individual quirks that everyone’s skin has. As they put it:

We’ve found that in general, all skin works like this. Almost all skin types have the same basic needs: to protect the acid mantle, to maintain cellular death and renewal, to add moisture, vitamins, and lipids, and prevent loss, to keep pH balanced, and to protect from free-radical damage.

We’ve also found that those needs can be met with just a few simple products, so we’ve combined them into two steps through our Facial Trivium. It’s a truly simplistic skin care set that is LOADED with nutrients that work HARD to give you a beautiful complexion

Which brings us to the review. 😉

One Set to Rule Them All.

The Facial Trivium. Three products wrapped in cellophane, peeking out at you in unassuming, but attractive containers. The most sensitive of the products ship out in cool packs, making sure that any heat does not melt the natural ingredients too much.

Three products may not seem like all that much. But thanks to how much these products multi-task, using all three together crafts a full and luxurious facial treatment.

Check out the three tiers

African Black Soap

This soap has been used for centuries by the beautiful women of Africa. Called “black soap” because of it’s slightly bizarre black and brown marble coloring, this recipe uses cocoa pods and ash to create a gentle but clarifying facial soap.

It sounds totally weird, I know. But this stuff works. It’s really moisturizing, gives amazing texture to the skin, is super gentle and removes every last trace of makeup if that’s how you use it. And see those little squares the bar is cut up into? This means you can grab a square, pop one in your shower and one by your sink, and you nearly completely avoid “melted soap bar syndrome”. It only gets melty when you’re nearly done with the cube. Then it’s on to the next one.

Oh and yes, it does help with acne. My troubled skin feels calm when using this soap.

Raw Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are nothing new. But this scrub combines the beloved glycolic acid action of sugar with a unique blend of intensely moisturizing natural oils and luxurious aromatherapy.

Instead of just one or two basic carrier oils, this scrub caresses your face with organic olive oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, organic honey, and vitamin E. The oils work together to gently soften and loosen dead skin so you can scrub it away with the sugar.

Don’t even get me started on the scents. With all natural blends custom crafted by the owner herself, no matter how you like your pampering time to smell, there’s something here you’ll love. Girly and rosy? Done. Soft and lavendery? Done.  Brisk and bright? Done.

You simply can’t go wrong with this scrub.

Raven’s Balm

This is just about the simplest moisturizer the world has ever seen. 4 ingredients blended softly to give you an ultra gentle but super effective final step to your facial routine.

The moisturizer is primarily shea butter, with a bit of aromatherapy and rice powder to help it smell lovely and stabilize the texture. With that shea butter punch, a little balm goes a long way. It’s spreadable, non-greasy nature makes it a snap to use even if you don’t need very much moisturizing. But if you really do need a lot of moisturizing, feel free to slather this stuff on.

Coming in a little wand that you rub against your face, this balm is super portable and easy to use. A little different than I’ve ever seen before, but not as weird as it sounds. I like the ease of grabbing the chunky container and dotting the balm where I need it straight from the tube. Different, but oddly intuitive.

The Whole Package

You can purchase each of these products separately, but the real magic comes when using all the products together. Knowing this, Savvy Boheme packaged them up for your convenience.

Cleansing, healing, renewing, and replenishing. The combination is incredibly potent for only 3 products together.

Choose between 7 divine fragrance combinations to find your ultimate match.

Have you tried Savvy Bohème’s products before? Do you want to try them now? Let me know in the comments?