Since our last post on gluten shampoo and conditioners, some readers ask for recommendations of gluten free hairspray and styling products. The truth is, most of the hairspray and styling products contain wheat protein. And as a celiac we know that anything you put on your body or hair has the capacity to make it into your mouth…then you could have problems.

Fortunately, after reaching out to all the haircare companies we could find, we were so pleasantly surprised to find a few haircare brands that offer high quality hairspray & styling products free of gluten! Keep reading to find out!

Best Gluten-Free Hairsprays

1.LOMA Leave In Conditioner Spray


A spray that detangles and conditions? Loma did their thing when creating this product. If you have hair that tangles easily or curls that need a boost of moisture, this can do it all. It will also protect hair that’s been colored. Also great if you have sensitive scalps.

2.Loma Curvy Creme

Curvy Creme helps maintain and define your curls. The medium-hold perfectly defines waves or curls you have naturally and leaves them frizz-free. This gel also doesn’t leave hair feeling brittle or crunchy. It will help cut styling time down in half and is long-lasting. The scent of pear and cranberry leaves you feeling sweet!

3.Alaffia Purely Coconut Texturizing Spray

I’m extremely happy to always have beach hair without ever leaving home thanks to this product. The combination of coconut water and sea salt smell incredible. Amazing for all hair types, especially those who have fine hair. It provides hold, volume, and body. It’s also great to have a clean formula and know I’m not damaging my hair with chemicals.

4.Honeybee Gardens Hair Spray

The most game-changing feature about this hairspray is that it comes in a spray bottle and not an aerosol can. Since it’s alcohol-free you will notice your hair won’t feel brittle and dry like most hairsprays. You get a stronghold with nourishing ingredients like Chamomile and Sunflower Seed Extract.

I hope this was helpful to some of you! If you have any favorite gluten free hair styling products, please share them in the comments as well!