“Got any inexpensive gluten free foundation?”

“Do you know of any cheap eyeliners that won’t burn my eyes?”

“Where can I get reasonably priced lipstick that won’t make me sick!?”

Sound familiar?

I get questions similar to these a lot. But I got nearly the exact title of this post in my inbox the other day, posed as a question. And it hit me- Whyyyy haven’t I written a post about this yet!?

Because gluten free cosmetics are crazy expensive and it can be tough to get your hands on inexpensive products.

Therefore, consider this your guide to finding cheap gluten free cosmetics without sacrificing safety or quality!

#1: monave’s versatile mineral powder – $7.50

These are basically eyeshadows, however Monave points out that you can use colored mineral powders in so many more ways than just on your eyelids. Put it in clear lip gloss to color it up, use one as blush or bronzer, add it to clear nail polish to make your own nail polish shades or even to change the tint of an existing polish. The possibilities are endless and with prices like these, experimentation won’t break the bank.

#2: everyday mineral’s jojoba foundation – $14.99

I recommend this foundation all the time even when I’m not thinking about price. But if you’re on a budget, you’re doing yourself a disfavor by not trying it right now. With good coverage, a lovely finish and complete lack of cakiness, this foundation is one of my absolute favs. Like, ever.

#3: honeybee gardens’ mascara – $11.99

THIS is good stuff. It’s buildable, not clumpy and light feeling. It doesn’t give super oomph, but that’s part of the reason why it’s so light and gentle. The end result is very natural looking, with great definition and a silky look.

#4: monave’s eyeliner pencils – $11.50

Going on smoothly and lasting very well, these eyeliners are some of my absolute favs. They have tons of gorgeous colors, including ones that are difficult to find in the gluten free community. I wish I had every single color in my collection, but the ones that I do have are ones I go back to again and again.

#5: honeybee gardens’ lipstick – $10.37

Delicious moisturizing and pretty colors make this lipstick a great standby to have. It’s not a super long lasting lipstick, but it feels yummy on the lips and doesn’t fade so quickly that it’s a problem. Cruelty free and made with coconut oil and cocoa butter, these lipsticks are a treat to wear.

#6: honeybee gardens’ lip gloss – $8.65

More of a lip gloss gal? Snag a tube or two or three of this stuff! Their colors tend towards natural and can be worn by anyone. Using shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil as emollients, this lip gloss will keep your lips hydrated and soft while making them shine.

#7: everyday minerals blush – $5.99-$10.99

With good pigmentation that isn’t overwhelming and a variety of shades from vibrant to soft, Everyday Minerals has a blush for anyone. All are affordable, but some are just downright cheap. The blushes I have from these folks are ones I use all the time.

#8: keeki’s pure and natural nail polish – $9.99

With a massive collection of adorable colors and an all natural and non-toxic formulation, Keeki’s nail polish has a little something for everyone.

(psssst- you can also snag an all natural and gluten free nail polish remover from them for $9.99!)

#9: buddha balm 4-pack – $12.57

These are some of my favorite balms of all time. I love the fun flavors, the moisturizing properties and the texture. The only downside, IMO, is that the flavor lasts and lasts and lasts. Which means that the balm is lasting on your lips, sure, but I end up wiping my mouth before meals because I don’t care for sweet lychee pomegranate with my stir fry.

#10: nelsons pure & clear face wash – $9.66

Not only is this a remarkably affordable face wash, Nelsons has the distinction of being one of the few face washes available that includes homeopathic remedies for acne right within the wash. However, whether or not you subscribe to homeopathy, this face wash is worth a try. It’s been a long time since I had any on hand, but even before I went gluten free this wash was one of my staples. Works good and it’s easy on the pocket book!

And that does it for now!

I hope you enjoyed the list! If you’ve tried any of these products before let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about y’all’s experiences with them!