Running a bit behind in your holiday shopping? Don’t stress! Here’s how to get something for every person on your list before Christmas arrives. And we’re not even talking gift cards- we’re talking tangible gifts you can wrap and hand to your loved ones on the big day. What’s the secret to this magic list? Amazon’s 2 Day Shipping! Almost every single one of these products is shipped Amazon Prime and will get to you before Christmas if you order by the 22nd!

If you’ve got a super gluten-sensitive person on your gift list, this is the gift guide of the year.

Note: US shipping only- sorry! Also, in order to get some of these items in time for Christmas, you may need to select upgraded shipping. While all of these companies assured shipping in time for Christmas when this article was published, make sure you check and see that’s still true!

For literally anybody on your list

eos Lip Balm Stick

This company is most famous for their round little bubbles of balm (which yes, is on this list later… 😉 ). However, they also package their amazing balms in the more traditional and unisex stick form. Same formulas, different packaging!

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Body Lotion

An excellent lotion for anyone who has skin! Which is… Everyone. It actually has very few allergens, so it’s no joke that this lotion will probably work for anyone. If you have extremely dry skin it may not be strong enough, but for normal or slightly dry skin, this is an excellent lotion to gift to your recipient, or yourself.

For the one infatuated with skincare

ACURE 100% USDA Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

This stuff is basically magic. Anyone who loves skincare should have this stuff in their arsenal. Anti-inflammatory, nicely hydrating, nourishing to the skin… You can’t go wrong with it!

Nourish Organic Rejuvenating Rose Hip and Rosewater Body Oil Mist

This stuff is incredible. It can be used anywhere on your body, from face to toes. It’s highly absorbent, and works to balance skin and improve elasticity, texture, and tone. It works for any skin type, but is particularly good for oily skin.

ACURE Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment

You know those chemical peels that kill the top layer of skin and let you rip it off? This is like the natural, less damaging version of that. It evens out skin’s texture and tone with a blend of brightening lemon probiotic and ACURE’s proprietary organic chlorella growth factor.

For the one obsessed with their nails


32 rich colors, varying textures, super long lasting… This is the best nail polish I’ve ever tried in my life. Snag this for the nail lover in your life.

LONDONTOWN kur Nail Hardener and Base Coat

Gotta have this to start the magic lasting power…

LONDONTOWN kur Protective Top Coat

And this to finish it!

For the super low-maintenance

eos Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Lip Balm Collection

Sure, you could grab a few eos balls from the shelves of Wally World. But why do that when you can give your recipient a limited edition collection of Holiday themed lip balms? Even the vanilla flavor is special edition, so she’ll never get another gift quite like this again!

Frank Original Coffee Scrub

I know what you’re thinking- a scrub for someone low-maintenance? Hear me out though! This stuff is so easy. While in the shower, just scrub yourself down as if you were cleaning your skin. It scrubs, moisturizes and heals scarring all in one go. Your low-maintenance recipient will love you for the multi-tasking power.

For the one who never leaves the house without something on their lips

BITE BEAUTY Limited Edition Lip Lab Trio

Give them a taste of one of the only store-available gluten free lipsticks around! Creme lipstick, lush lip gloss, and a little compact mirror make up this gorgeous gift set. The colors all match, so can be worn together, or separately.

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick

Luxurious, ultra-moisturizing, gently natural lipsticks in subtle, wearable colors. This stuff is like butter that melts into your lips and nourishes them intensely. It’s an especially good winter lipstick!

For the fashion-forward kids

Keeki Pure & Simple Nail Polish

Gorgeous, non-toxic nail polish that’s perfectly designed for children. It peels within a few days if used on naked nails. But if any of you adults get a hankering to keep their vivid colors around, use their nail polish base and it’ll last much longer. 😉

For the person who is constantly trying new products

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gluten Free Makeup

You know that one person on your list who has tried everything and never settles down with any one product, or brand? Help fuel their addiction by giving them this eBook! Yes, it’s my eBook, so you know it’s great stuff. 😉 For every person who wants to know exactly which products to try next, this is the book for them!

For the one who’s been really good

TEMPTU Air Custom Essentials Kit

Absolutely flawless TV-quality makeup, done at home, 100% safe. There’s nothing else like it on the market! You’ll pay the price, but for someone who deserves a real treat, this is THE gift. It’s the one product on this list that Amazon doesn’t sell, but if you order on the 18th (!!) you will get it before Christmas!

For the person still figuring out the gluten thing

Gluten Free Consultation

Does your recipient just have no idea where to start with gluten free products? Wondering which products they should replace first? Got a load of questions that need answering?

Give them the gift that’ll serve them for years to come. Give them a consultation to find them ALL the products they need!

Got it all done? congratulations!

Your Christmas shopping is done for the year! Whew! What gluten free products did you purchase for your list this year?