There’s no such thing as a Fountain of Youth.

Everyone wants to sell you some variation of it. Something that will keep you “young” forever. Something that erases all time. Freezes it eternally.

But it’s not possible to freeze time.

Of course, there are ways to slow the clock. We all know about the eat healthy, live healthy, stay young longer deal. It’s common lore because it’s true. Taking care of your body slows the aging process and infuses it with grace.

Because there is a beauty in aging that cannot be replicated by the younger generation. The physical manifestations of wisdom are nothing to be scoffed at.

But say you want to go back in time for a day. Or perhaps show off what you already have.

These 5 little tips will help you get there.

#5.Blooming Cheeks

Nothing says youth and health like a gentle flush. Of course, that’s why we all use blush. But for a “is it real?” au naturel look? Use a cream blush.

Formulated with moisturizing butters and oils, cream blushes can be a mini facial in and of themselves. But those ingredients make a melty, yummy texture that creates a flush that seems to bubble up from within.

Raw.Skin.Ceuticals has my very favorite cream blush. Because GORGEOUS. And moisturizing. And mmmm.

#4. Carefree Warmth

What’s vibrant, brimming with life and associated with youth?

A gorgeous tan.

Dust matte bronzer over nose, top of cheekbones, over forehead, on the chin, any place that the sun would kiss.

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#3. Restorative Moisturization

Dry skin = dull skin. Make sure your products are strong enough to really give you the hydration you need.

But what if you can pack in a little firming power? And some cell restoration to pump a little anti-aging in?

Acure’s Seriously Firming Facial Serum does all of the above. And if it’s raving fans are to be believed, it does that and more.

​Grab some for yourself.

#2. Make Your Best Features Shine

This tip is so good, everyone does it regardless of age. If you want a healthy glow, highlighting is the way to go. (why yes, I rhymed, thanks for noticing. 😉 )

To add shine to your look, highlight the top of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, right above the arch of your brows, the center of your chin, and with a teeny tiny eye brush, your inner eyes.

The glorious highlighter that reflects light, but isn’t SPARKLES EVERYWHERE? This stuff.

#1. Foundation that Makes You Look & Stay Looking Younger

If you use only one tip out of these, this is the one to use.

Get a foundation that makes you glow.​

And while you’re at it, use one that is created with anti-aging ingredients. Double-duty foundation- can it get much better than that?

Vapour Organic Beauty’s Atmosphere Luminous Foundation lends a hydrated, youthful glow to your face. All the while nourishing your skin to stay that way.

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Try any one of these tips to inject some youth into your day! Or for a serious clock rewind, try using them all at once.

What’s your favorite way to use makeup products to erase time? Let me know in the comments!