Quality makeup has always been expensive. But gluten free makeup can be even more expensive than your averagely nice products. For those of us who like to watch our budgets, this is bad news.

But the good news is we do have options. Check out this entire face of makeup with each product under $30.

For the full descriptions of each product, check out the full article in Simply Gluten Free Magazine, issue #27.


Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics | Organic Antioxidant Liquid Mineral Foundation | $17.99

Buy the foundation here


Omiana | Under-Eye & Blemish Intense Coverage Concealer | $26.99

Buy my favorite concealer now!


Elea Blake |Get Cheeky| $12.50

Find your perfect cheek color


Mirabella | Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara | $26.00

Buy my favorite mascara in the history of ever!


Honeybee Gardens | Eye Shadow Palettes | $29.99

Snag lovely eyeshadow palettes at a great price


Gabriel Cosmetics | Gabriel Lipstick | $17.60

Purchase long-lasting and beautiful lipstick

Lip Gloss

Au Naturale Cosmetics | Lip Gloss | $15.00

Snag amazing lip gloss at an amazing price

Eye Liner

Monave | Eye Liner | $13.50

Get the best eye liner with the most colors