I don’t like using coconut oil on my face.

OOPS. You’re not supposed to say that in the natural skincare world. I think you’re supposed to adore coconut oil or get the heck outta dodge. BUT. My skin doesn’t like pure coconut oil on my face. It’s too heavy. It feels like an oil slick on my face. It even seems to make acne worse.

This is just my experience with coconut oil. Some people use it and find it’s the stuff of their dreams. Everyone’s skin is different. And coconut oil is still one of my favorite oils. I just use it in basically all my cooking and rarely on my face 😉

But what do you do when you love the power of coconut oil, but want something that isn’t just “straight coconut oil” to slather on your face? Or if you just want something gentle and natural that will love your skin as much as you do?

Problem solved:

Kopari is a company I’ve only recently become familiar with. Their coconut-based formulas caught my eye first,  but I hesitated on trying them because I’m not very interested in buying skincare that is just coconut oil with essential oils in them, marketed to be a magical formula. But I WAS WRONG and that’s not at all what Kopari does.

Kopari makes skincare based on coconut oil. It’s not coconut oil dressed to look like something. It harnesses the power of coconut without just being coconut. As a result, it’s powerful, natural, and works for more skin types than plain coconut oil does. And it works awesomely.

My skin had been angry with me for weeks. No joke. I ate things I shouldn’t have eaten, and my skin threw a fit. It’s been so frustrating trying to get it to heal. But it wasn’t until I started using Kopari that I finally saw significant improvement in my poor skin. Wasn’t expecting to receive assistence from the outside, since usually these are problems my body has to sort out on it’s own, no help from products. But there was a definite correlation between using Kopari and my skin finally beginning to stop looking like a war zone.

I grabbed the Beauty Bag to get an idea of what their basic skincare is like. It comes in a cute, huge, neoprene case with 4 products. Amusingly, my case is not the same as the one in the photo for this set, but it is the same one as the other bag set they offer. Have you ever noticed how the bags “sets” come in are usually worthless? Not so with this one. I’ll actually use this bag, because it’s the perfect size and feels nice and sturdy.

Inside the bag comes these 4 products-