Sometimes you need help holding on to the things you care about.

And when I say “things you care about” I mean your makeup, obviously.

​We have some facial primers in the gluten free world, but what about eye shadow primer? I looked for it for ages, but it just didn’t exist.

Until now.

​Red Apple Lipstick has made their own eye shadow primer and I’m flipping out. I need it. You need it. The girl next door needs it. Everyone who wears makeup needs this.

Red Apple Lipstick’s Primer is made with their usual care for their customers and the environment:​

  • Gluten Free (duh! 😉 )
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • non-GMO
  • Corn Free

At first glance, it seems a wee bit pricey at $27. However, you use so little of the product, it’s gonna take forever to run out of it. You lightly run your finger over the top, get a thin layer, then pat that over your entire eye. Or under your eye. Or over a blemish. Because it also makes a surprisingly good concealer.

When applying, this primer has a wet and vaguely grainy feel to it. You only need a tiny amount, and coupling that with the texture means it dries almost instantly. Once dry, it’s powdery and unmoving to the touch.

The concealing power is respectable, enough to even out the shade of your lids. I find that aspect helpful after a late night, since my entire eye socket turns purple if I haven’t had enough sleep (heh, lovely right?). I rarely use it as a concealer on my face, because the color is just too pale for me. But it would be possible for someone paler than me.

Keeps Your Color Longer

If you’re planning on being outside in the hot sun from dawn ’til dusk, head banging, hip swaying and sweating up an ocean, this primer probably won’t keep your jet black eye makeup on all day long. But if you’re a normal human being who’s just going to be outside on and off, this primer is just the ticket for ‘ya.

I’ve been wearing this over the summer months, from dawn ’til dusk, in and out in the blazing Texas heat. While there is some fading by the end of the day, unlike without primer, the makeup is still far more on your lids than under your eyes. In less extreme weather, your shadow looks very nearly as good as the moment you put it on.

Shimmers ’til the End

Mineral eye shadow is usually sparkly. It’s like the first rule, or something. If it doesn’t shimmer, it must be noted as such because that’s not normal. When you first apply all that shimmer, you’ve gotta love it because sparkles. But it seems like in general, the sparkles end up under your eyes and down your cheeks within the first hour. Not cool.

This primer lets you keep the sparkles. On your lid, inner eye, under your eye, wherever you want it.

It’s not Exactly Magic, but it Sure is Close

After waiting for a gluten free eye shadow primer for so many years, I’m utterly beside myself that one exists. And not only that, it’s good! Count on Red Apple Lipstick to focus on quality and safety.

I use this stuff every time I apply makeup, unless I can’t find it. Which happens a lot because it gets stolen on a regular basis. Ahem…​ Hopefully y’all will be more lucky in that department.

Grab some Magic Eye Shadow Primer!