Gluten free CC Cream has never been available before.

In all the searching I’ve done, all the companies I’ve talked to, all the product lines I’ve combed, I have never come across a gluten free CC cream, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer.

Until now.

Today, Mirabella Beauty is releasing ​a gluten free CC cream that is (get this!):

  • Full coverage
  • Tone correcting
  • Oil controlling
  • SPF 20

The big question: Is it good?

Yes. Yes it is.​

What is CC Cream?

CC cream is a version of tinted moisturizer. In the same family as BB cream, both products are fairly similar. However, their primary difference is CC cream is Color Correcting and BB cream is Beauty Balm. So it works out like this:

  • CC Cream: Covers uneven tone
  • ​BB Cream: Super Moisturizing

The exact differences will vary from brand to brand, and just because a CC cream is “Color Correcting” doesn’t mean it won’t moisturize, and vice vera. But in general, those are the main attributes to keep in mind.

But is this CC Cream Really Full Coverage?

For a tinted moisturizer? It absolutely is full coverage.​

This does not mean you’ll get the same coverage you would expect from a liquid foundation. But​ you will more coverage than from any powder mineral foundation I’ve yet tried. It’s amazing.

Babies your Skin
Just because it’s not a BB cream, it doesn’t have to give up it’s tinted moisturizer roots. This cream leaves skin soft and smooth thanks to avocado oil. But don’t worry: Despite the moisturizing properties, this cream is not greasy at all. In fact, Witch Hazel resides beside the avocado to help battle oil within your skin too.

To sweeten the deal, you have SPF 20 built right in. No need for primer or sunscreen, this does the job for you.

Your Fingers do the Job just Fine

​Maybe it’s just me who finds this a perk, but I love being able to squeeze a tiny amount of product into my hands and use just my fingers to make a perfect finish. It makes getting ready in the morning so much faster!

If you want to use a brush for spot treating, go right ahead. Otherwise, you really don’t need it.​

Look Good from Dawn ’til Dusk

What better feeling is there than stumbling into the bathroom after a long hard day, glancing into the mirror, and realizing that you still look like a million bucks?

As long as you’ve applied this CC cream with a light hand, the face reflected back at you tonight will still have even, natural-looking skin. No caking, no melting, no sliding.

I’m so excited to finally have a CC cream on the gluten free market! We’ve been waiting long enough for a lightweight, moisturizing, sun-blocking, everyday foundation. And this is it!