You’ve asked for this again and again! I’ve searched for it for over a year. And finally- finally! I have something definite for y’all: Surface Hair Care is indeed 100% gluten free. They have a full line of gluten free hair styling and hair care products, ranging from shampoo and conditioner, to hairspray, mousse, gel and even wax. They also have hair repair cremes and hydrating oils. If you can think of it, Surface probably has it.

For the gluten free hair world, this is nearly unheard of.

But Surface has done it.

This alone is enough to commend them. But add onto that the ability to get it in a salon…

Then add to that the products are actually amazing

And we have a total winner.

Surface puts a priority on working to heal hair. With options to help strengthen, moisturize or even thicken your hair, there’s pretty much something here for everyone.

However, my hair doesn’t fit into any of those categories. I have super fine, super oily hair. While I’d love to share the cleaning and healing products with you, I simply don’t have the hair to be able to accurately tell you how well those particular products work.

My hair is almost seaweed slippery and limp. It has no body. All hair styles fall within moments, unless there are a dozen pins + grippy hairbands.

Because of this, my hair is the absolute perfect candidate for the styling products.

The only reason I mention this: With as amazing as the styling products turned out to be, I highly recommend you go check out the other products as well! If you do, please let me know what you think! I’m jealous of you. Ha.

Here’s what I did get to try!

  • Theory Firm Styling Spray
  • Jump Styling Mousse
  • Push Styling Powder

Theory Firm Styling Spray

I’ve tried an awful lot of hairsprays through the years. Here in Texas it can be challenging to find ones that work, due to the humidity in both East and Central areas of the state I’ve lived in.

As such, I try out all hairsprays with a touch of misgiving.

But the Theory Firm Styling Spray has really impressed both me and everyone else whose tried it. The hold is amazing, it doesn’t weigh down my hair, it stays put despite icky humidity and is surprisingly flexible. Plus the scent is not overpowering, which I really appreciate.

Jump Styling Mousse

This product gives a good hold that never gets stiff. It helps me to get body in my limp hair and gives me added texture and volume until the next time I shower. In fact, I’m starting to get addicted to it… I’m not used to my hair cooperating with me!

Like the hair spray, the mousse also smells very nice. I like how clean it is, but not overpowering.

Push Styling Powder

The best has been saved for last. When I first typed out the title of this section, I accidentally wrote “Push Styling Power“. Which made me snicker and I almost didn’t change it to the proper name. Why?


No, seriously, this styling powder… It’s incredible. Like magic. Like mystical power gifted unto me for glorious hair.

But if you’re like me, you have no idea what a styling powder is. I had never heard of such a thing. My first thought was “Um, how does powder help style my hair?” Well here’s the low-down:

The styling powder is like a sticky dust that settles into you hair, gripping the hair shafts and adding texture and volume to degrees I never thought was possible. Hence the magical powers previously mentioned.

The amount of volume I can get using this powder (I typed power again!) is literally incredible. It lasts and lasts all day and you can sleep in it overnight, brush it out and tease it back up again to the same heights as the day before. I’m in awe. Nearly worshipful awe. My Styling Power. I love it.

All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with Surface’s Gluten Free Hair Care!

Their products work amazingly well, are priced reasonably, smell pleasant and are overall much closer to perfect than should be legal. I was hoping for good things from them, but never expected to be so thoroughly blown away.