Ah, the ever neccessary gluten free lip balm. Everyone needs it and you can never have too many of them.

But in reality, it can be​ hard to find a truly safe gluten free lip balm. ​There are a few out there, but just like everything else in gluten free skin care products, many of them tend to be a very basic. Then we have 8 different basic lip balms, none of which particularly stand out from each other.

Not that basic is a problem. It’s just nice to get a breath of fresh air every once in a while.

Having already reviewed Keeki Pure & Simple’s Nail Polish, I couldn’t wait to introduce you guys to Keeki’s lip products. Because… I’m really enjoying them.

I got to try two different products of theirs, in several flavors and colors:

Keeki’s gluten free Lip Balm

  • Root Beer Float
  • Minty Vanilla Cooler
  • Pineapple Delight

Keeki’s gluten free Lip Shimmer

  • Flirty
  • Ooh La La

I just have to say real quick, overall I’m completely and utterly in love with these products. They are beautiful, smell lovely, look lovely and are super moisturizing. Best of all, they’re reasonably priced.

Keeki’s Gluten Free Lip Balm​

With a slightly waxy texture, strong scent and fun packaging, these lip balms are a huge hit in my household.

Since I prefer a waxy lip balm, this is pretty much my favorite texture around. Maybe it’s because I’m in Texas and any cosmetic that has too much oil and not enough wax will melt into a fragrant puddle on just about any given afternoon.​ But one way or another, these balms leave a smooth coat, stay on and moisturize much longer than the initial application.

The scents are strong, but not overpowering. I tend to lean towards wanting less scent than more, but I do enjoy these.

  • The Pineapple Delight smells sweet and fruity. Fresh, summery and dessert-like, it does
  • The Root Beer Float smells just like it sounds; sweet, vanilla-y, carbonated. I almost feel like I should brush my teeth after application. 😉 But no worries there, it’s sweetened with stevia.
  • The Minty Vanilla Cooler is not something I’ve seen before, but I absolutely love it. Smelling of mint and vanilla (surprise!), this is probably the most androgynous of the flavors. It’s also instantly familiar, but with a Keeki twist. I love how the vanilla sweetens the overall feel and tones down the mint.

There is very little flavor in these balms, despite the scent. With only a bit of beeswax and stevia flavor involved, there is not much to taste.

Keeki’s Gluten Free Lip Shimmer

In a nutshell, this is a tinted lip balm with light shimmer. It’s not highly pigmented, nor is it very shimmery and yet it’s perfect.

I keep finding myself picking one or another of the two colors I have and dropping it in my purse. If I have a little makeup on, or even none, they are an excellent compliment to a natural look. Or if I’ve gone a little heavy on the eyes and don’t want much added color to my lips.

It feels somewhat similar to the regular lip balm, but it is less coating and a little more oily. Not my favorite texture for a balm, but not at all an issue either.

For the days when you want just a tiny something, or for the little girl in your life who wants to wear “lipstick” too, these hit the bullseye.

I’m seriously enjoying Keeki’s lip products. Whether for pure moisturizing or a touch of color, these should be your next addition to your kit!

Grab your own Keeki’s Gluten Free Lip Balm and Shimmer!

Root Beer Float (3 pack)

Pineapple Delight (3 pack)

Minty Vanilla Cooler (single)

Ooh La La (3 pack)

Flirty (3 pack)