The soap in the bathroom gleefully committed the murder of my skin and left it feeling as dry as parchment.  Discreetly, as I listened to my companion’s blabber, I reached into my purse, pulled out my old, over-scented, cheesy lotion and applied it over my wounded hands.  For a brief moment, as the stuff did it’s work, I felt some relief.  But only for a moment.  The next, a tingling, burning, itching sensation began to crawl over my afflicted appendages.

“Awwww, drat.”

Finding gluten free lotion is tough!  Oat extract, wheat germ oil, doubtful vitamin E sourcing and all kinds of other obstacles make lotion an easy way to get gluten on your body.  Lotion is easily one of the most dangerous and difficult to find gluten free products.  I have been searching and searching and searching for something that I can use with no fear of being glutened; no fear of  having to run to the bathroom to desperately wash off the vicious cream; no fear of distractedly nibbling on my knuckle as I concentrate on a particularly difficult code issue.

Enter (seed) body care!

I nearly squealed aloud when they replied back to me about being tested gluten free!  But I bit back the sound so as not to disturb everyone within half a mile.  Doing the Happy Dance is quiet, however, so I fell back on that method of expressing my excitement.

To try out, (seed) sent me their:

  • Body Lotion
  • Hand Cream

The products did not disappoint.

Body lotion

Rich and creamy, thick and smooth, luxurious and totally non-oily.  It soaked into my skin much faster than I had anticipated, and left no residue; just silky smooth and deliciously softened skin.  Plus it’s so concentrated, I only have to use a very little bit to get big results.

The scent (lavender sage) gave the promised “burst” of aromatherapy, but faded quickly.  There is a citrus and an unscented version if you prefer to not be treated to the soothing fragrance of lavender (*gasp!*), but since lavender and I have a ‘thang, I’ll be sticking with that perhaps forever.

Hand cream

My hands have always been decently tough.  Working outside, exposing them to the elements and just inheriting my Dad’s hands have given them a level of imperviousness that makes caring for them super easy.  But on the flip side, when my hands need help, they need serious help.  No ordinary stuff can solve my hand problems.

(seed)’s Hand Cream?  It combines the power of a pure oil soak with the ease of a lotion, while also leaving a fine layer of protection on the surface of my skin.  Now, I have not had cracked or chapped hands since I’ve had (seed)’s hand cream, so haven’t tested it in those extreme conditions.  But, seeing how it works compared to my previous favorites, I’ll be glad to have this by my side when those extreme times do come.   😉

(seed) Body Care stands out from crowd not only because of their tested gluten-freeness, but because of the deep moisturizing of their products.  Even if I were not loving them for being gluten tested alone, I would love how gentle, soothing and hydrating the products are.  It very easily compares and possibly even surpasses the very best non-gluten free lotions I have ever used.  (seed) Body Care has a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet. 😀