What do you really want from a skincare regime?

The grandest scientific breakthrough? A price tag to make your friends blanch? An A-list celebrity worshiping the label?

Of course not. Nobody really cares about that kind of thing. You just want it to work.

A smooth, silky texture to your skin. Clarity of color and little to no breakouts. That certain glow of health that every living being on earth recognizes in an instant.

To find these things, we search the skincare world over. Ever seeking that special regime that will finally give us what we want.

The search is over. The skin you want is right here.

There’s no gimmicks here. Nor icky chemicals. And obviously no gluten. Savvy Bohème cuts unnecessary ingredients to bring you a skincare experience you’ll never forget.

This regime brings together healing ingredients that work with your skin to help it rebuild itself. It’s designed to work with your skin at it’s base level of operation, not getting distracted by the individual quirks that everyone’s skin has. As they put it:

We’ve found that in general, all skin works like this. Almost all skin types have the same basic needs: to protect the acid mantle, to maintain cellular death and renewal, to add moisture, vitamins, and lipids, and prevent loss, to keep pH balanced, and to protect from free-radical damage.

We’ve also found that those needs can be met with just a few simple products, so we’ve combined them into two steps through our Facial Trivium. It’s a truly simplistic skin care set that is LOADED with nutrients that work HARD to give you a beautiful complexion

Which brings us to the review. 😉

One Set to Rule Them All.

The Facial Trivium. Three products wrapped in cellophane, peeking out at you in unassuming, but attractive containers. The most sensitive of the products ship out in cool packs, making sure that any heat does not melt the natural ingredients too much.

Three products may not seem like all that much. But thanks to how much these products multi-task, using all three together crafts a full and luxurious facial treatment.

Check out the three tiers

African Black Soap

This soap has been used for centuries by the beautiful women of Africa. Called “black soap” because of it’s slightly bizarre black and brown marble coloring, this recipe uses cocoa pods and ash to create a gentle but clarifying facial soap.

It sounds totally weird, I know. But this stuff works. It’s really moisturizing, gives amazing texture to the skin, is super gentle and removes every last trace of makeup if that’s how you use it. And see those little squares the bar is cut up into? This means you can grab a square, pop one in your shower and one by your sink, and you nearly completely avoid “melted soap bar syndrome”. It only gets melty when you’re nearly done with the cube. Then it’s on to the next one.

Oh and yes, it does help with acne. My troubled skin feels calm when using this soap.

Raw Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are nothing new. But this scrub combines the beloved glycolic acid action of sugar with a unique blend of intensely moisturizing natural oils and luxurious aromatherapy.

Instead of just one or two basic carrier oils, this scrub caresses your face with organic olive oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, organic honey, and vitamin E. The oils work together to gently soften and loosen dead skin so you can scrub it away with the sugar.

Don’t even get me started on the scents. With all natural blends custom crafted by the owner herself, no matter how you like your pampering time to smell, there’s something here you’ll love. Girly and rosy? Done. Soft and lavendery? Done.  Brisk and bright? Done.

You simply can’t go wrong with this scrub.

Raven’s Balm

This is just about the simplest moisturizer the world has ever seen. 4 ingredients blended softly to give you an ultra gentle but super effective final step to your facial routine.

The moisturizer is primarily shea butter, with a bit of aromatherapy and rice powder to help it smell lovely and stabilize the texture. With that shea butter punch, a little balm goes a long way. It’s spreadable, non-greasy nature makes it a snap to use even if you don’t need very much moisturizing. But if you really do need a lot of moisturizing, feel free to slather this stuff on.

Coming in a little wand that you rub against your face, this balm is super portable and easy to use. A little different than I’ve ever seen before, but not as weird as it sounds. I like the ease of grabbing the chunky container and dotting the balm where I need it straight from the tube. Different, but oddly intuitive.

The Whole Package

You can purchase each of these products separately, but the real magic comes when using all the products together. Knowing this, Savvy Boheme packaged them up for your convenience.

Cleansing, healing, renewing, and replenishing. The combination is incredibly potent for only 3 products together.

Choose between 7 divine fragrance combinations to find your ultimate match.

Have you tried Savvy Bohème’s products before? Do you want to try them now? Let me know in the comments?