I get a lot of questions about gluten free toothpaste. And it’s no wonder! Who hasn’t at least once in their gluten free life realized that every single day, twice or even three times a day, you put something in your mouth that may or may not have gluten in it? This is a legitimate concern, especially considering that many mainstream toothpastes are processed in facilities with gluten in them. Even if the toothpaste doesn’t directly contain gluten, there is almost always a chance of cross-contamination somewhere. It’s therefore tough to find safely gluten free toothpaste.

Then suddenly gluten free toothpaste from a 100% gluten free company practically fell into my lap.

Cleure doesn’t test for gluten, but they use no gluten ingredients and their facilities are gluten free. Without testing, this is pretty much as safe as you can get.

Cleure’s gluten free toothpaste is designed to be gentle and effective, even on sensitive teeth.


  • With xylitol and baking soda.
  • Studies show benefits of xylitol include:
    – Helps prevent cavities by as much as 60%
    – Promotes the flow of saliva, therefore helps dry mouth
  • Benefits of baking soda include:
    – Helps neutralize harmful acids
    – Helps remove surface stains, resulting in a brighter smile
  • Formulated with dicalcium phosphate:
    – Studies report it helps tartar control
    – It is a gentle abrasive, and whitening agent
    – It functions with balancing calcium and phosphate levels
    – It helps remineralize areas of teeth that have been attacked by acid

Overall this gluten free toothpaste leaves a fantastic feel in my mouth. It never leaves an annoying reside lingering that requires multiple rinses to get rid of. My teeth feel clean and well scrubbed, but never so much that it leaves them feeling sensitive.

The flavors are interesting. I’ve used a few similar to them before, but gotta admit… Not so much the others.


  • Cinnamon
  • Cranberry
  • Lemon-Lime
  • Original- No-Flavor


Cleure’s Gluten Free ToothpasteCleure’s Gluten Free Toothpaste (back of the tube) I’ve never before liked other cinnamon toothpastes before due to the commonly overpowering flavoring. However this toothpaste is not overpowering at all, nor does it leave a lingering taste long enough to get annoying. It’s pleasant, not spicy and slightly sweet.


Well it doesn’t really taste like cranberries to me… Kinda berry-ish but not a whole lot of flavor overall. The sweetish taste has more presence than the berry taste. Innocuous, sweet and not lingering.


This flavor, in theory, sounds like a good choice. You know, citrus flavor = fresh? And while that’s true, I can’t say I personally care for it. The citrus flavor is very strong and just slightly bitter, in a citrus rind kinda way. It tends to linger in the mouth a lot longer than the other flavors too. Of course, this is coming from the gal who doesn’t like most lemon-lime candy either, and that’s what this reminds me of. It’s not bad! Just not my taste.

Original- No-Flavor

When they say “no flavor”, they aren’t kidding. This toothpaste has no taste, not even the slightly salty flavor of baking soda I was expecting. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and well scrubbed with no aftertaste. At the end of the day, I think this one ended up being my favorite.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed using these toothpastes. I’m a bit obsessed with a clean mouth feel, so these have hit the spot for me in all the right ways.