The world of gluten free cosmetics is growing rapidly, with various basic products saturating the market just like the “normal” world of cosmetics. Endless loose eyeshadows, foundations and blushes can be found all over the place. However, there are still a few products that are difficult to find. One of them Pure Skn has. And I have a sister who lit up as soon as I told her about it.

Gluten free lip plumper. Spoiler alert: It’s not your average lip plumper.

Having already enjoyed Pure Skn’s gluten free skin care, I was totally ready to check out the cosmetics line. Mostly intrigued by the lip plumper, I soon discovered that I had a lot more to love from them than that alone.

Here’s what I got to try:

  • Mineral Foundation
  • Eyeshadow (Neutral Mocha)
  • Lip Plumper

While the lip plumper is obviously the most unique of all three of these products, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of them stand out from the rest.

Mineral Foundation

I’m sure y’all know by now that mineral foundations are easy to come by in the gluten free world. Some of them are good, some of them meh, some of them outright bad. Well it turns out that Pure Skn’s foundation is one of the good ones and remarkably good at covering redness. In addition, it leaves a particularly smooth finish. Their color selection is decent, ranging across many skin tones from very fair to very dark. The Warm Light I tried was a tad too pale for me, but it’s perfect for my fairer sister. For my very favorite way to use this though, you have to get it with Pure Skn Moisturizer. Sprinkle some foundation into your hand, squirt some moisturizer on top, then mix it up with a finger and apply it to your face. Voila! Tinted moisturizer that doesn’t crease and has a flawless finish! I’m a little obsessed with doing this right now and have found Pure Skn’s foundation to be particularly good at not caking or creasing.


The bottom of the jar says that the Neutral Mocha is a lash line eye shadow. I don’t know if it says that on all the jars or just the darker ones, but the Neutral Mocha at least is not really a lash line shadow. With a lovely sheen and wearable lightness to it, it’s actually a good soft lid shadow. A little goes a long way with this powder, since it blends beautifully and tends to try to fall if you put too much on at a time. It’s called a “neutral” mocha, but I think the shade actually leans a little more on the warm side. Not so much though that it should be a problem for anyone. 😉

Natural Lip Plumper

Utilizing cinnamon oil and variety of essential oils, this lip plumper tingles softly and gets the blood circulating in your lips for a slight plumping effect. With no funky chemical and a sweetly spiced scent, it’s not the most powerful lip plumper I’ve used before, but it is the only gluten free lip plumper that I know of. First though I’ve gotta admit: I’ve never been a lip plumper fan. The main reason is because I couldn’t stand the tingling and I’m not overly fond of how huge my lips can get with them. Having fairly full lips already, this is simply not a priority for me. However. This lip plumper not only does not tingle to the point of near pain (hallelujah!), but it’s also one of the most moisturizing lip products I have in my entire makeup collection. With various natural oils that include coconut oil, it turns out that this lip plumper is a fabulous prelude to lipstick. Enhancing the natural color of your lips, plumping just enough to fill in fine lines and deeply moisturizing, you could just use this alone because it does have a nice sheen that is not overly sticky. But lately I’ve been wiping it off, applying lipstick, then putting back on top of the lipstick for sheen and continual plumping. But I guess what speaks most about this product is that it keeps getting stolen from me. And hey now- where did half of my bottle go already!?

All in all, I’m quite happy with Pure Skn’s products! And clearly so is everyone else, since they keep getting taken from my kit… Ahem. Go check ’em out at their website!