Lily Lolo is a 100% natural mineral makeup company that hails from Merry ‘Ol England and is just recently available in the US and Canada. Their promise is “no nasties, no parabens, no synthetic dyes and definitely no nano-particles and of course – fabulous healthy products!”

Of course, as you’ve probably already guessed since they are on my website, the products are gluten free. All that is, except for the mascara. When I asked why they did not consider the mascara to be gluten free, the very nice and helpful gal said that the mascara was processed in a different facility in which they could not guarantee a lack of cross contamination.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may already know that having a company cite cross-contamination as an issue for makeup is extremely rare. I very nearly freaked out when she told me that all of her own accord.

Y’all- Lily Lolo gets it. They really do.

So I’m super excited to be able to share them with you today.

The products I got to try are:

  • Mineral Cover-Up (Blondie)​
  • Bronzer (Waikiki)
  • Pressed Duo (Platinum Perfection)
  • Loose Eye Shadow (Miami Taupe)

Mineral Cover-Up- Blondie

Out of all the mineral powder concealers I’ve tried, this may be the very best. ​The coverage is surprisingly good, and has that silky texture that characterizes all of Lily Lolo’s cosmetics.

As with all powder concealers, ​it’s best used on smooth blemishes or discoloration. Any scabbing or flaky skin will only be enhanced by the settling of the powder. But again, that’s typical across the board for this type of product.

The Blondie shade is ​very pale. Rather too pale for my complexion. However I’ve heard so many complaints about finding a concealer light enough for certain skin tones, that I think this shade will be joyously embraced by my paler pals.

Bronzer​- Waikiki

I’m in love with this bronzer. The golden tones, the satin texture, the manageable pigmentation…

​Truly gorgeous.

Designed for pale skin tones again, this bronzer works very well for me. I like my bronzer to be “barely there”, and with the buildable formulation and golden tones, this looks remarkably natural on me.

​Thanks to the satin sheen, you definitely don’t want to use this for contouring. However, using it as it was designed, it’s hard to beat the sunshiny warmth it lends to your face.

Pressed Duo​- Platinum Perfection

Combing classic colors in an attractive compact, these duos are an easy addition to just about everyone’s eyeshadow collection.

In the “Platinum Perfection” set, pink and gray combine for a girly, easy-to-wear color palette that works with the majority of skin tones. Even I can pull off this pink without looking like I’ve been crying all day (which is the typical way I look with pink eyeshadow- ha!).

These shadows are not extremely pigmented, but they are pigmented enough to still show up. With a silky feel, mellow sheen and easy-to-not-overdo colors, these are the kinds of shadows you can use daily without any fuss.

Loose Eye Shadow- Miami Taupe

Lily Lolo’s loose eyeshadow colors range from utterly natural to bright and bold. I’ve been drooling over the colors on the site for weeks and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single one I’m not interested in.

This color, however, is not at all done justice by pictures. With faint purple and blue undertones, it’s a dusky hue that looks natural on the skin, but has an added complexity and elegance that places it above your typical “natural” tone.

In the container it looks much darker than actually on the skin. That may be because like the pressed duo shadows, it’s not terribly pigmented. For my skin, a casual application just a hint darker than my actual tone. If I build it up, then I can squeeze a darker shade out of it.

The description talks about using it as a defining color, however because of the sheen, use it in the crease with care. I think in this case, the satin sheen overpowers any definition it could give to the “receding” area.

Overall, I’m very happy Lily Lolo has crossed the pond to the US (and Canada, of course).

I love their color sense and the silky feel of all their products. In a market saturated with mineral makeups, they really do stand out with their quality.