Right now, here in Austin, TX, it’s an absolute blaze of muggy heat. If you’re walking out your door, expect to sweat and glisten like you basically just took a shower. Expect to wipe droplets from your brow and feel a river run down your back. Expect your face to literally reflect the sun’s rays back at everyone around you because the oil is real.

Now I’m not trying to complain. But those of you who live in hot climates know exactly what this does to your makeup. The amount of summer makeup kung-fu we have to master is actually brutal. Whatever we use can’t melt, can’t smudge, can’t fade with profuse perspiration and basically has to be fit to face the fires of hell.

To be honest, in the past what I’ve done to handle these situations for long periods of time is just skip half my makeup. A little mineral powder foundation is great for your skin, but what eyeshadow and base could possibly survive such an encounter? And I’ve tried a lot of products, so when I can’t answer that question, y’all know we’re all screwed.

Except now I can. Because I just spent 3.5 hours in 95+ heat with about 70% humidity, and got back home with still flawlessly sparkly and non-creased eyeshadow.

This is not a drill. This stuff is real. And it’s literally my new obsession.

Does it really last all day?

Yes. Yes it does. It’s lasted through every extreme I’ve given it thus far. Which extremes are about the worst possible! That melting heat, oppressive mugginess and excessive sweating. If you had told me a few months ago that there was a gluten free eyeshadow that lasted literally all day without creasing at all in the worst possible weather, I would have smiled and quietly thought to myself that you were lying. But nope. This is legit.

What’s the texture like?

So what is this magic that makes this stuff so amazing? When you look at the pictures, it just kinda looks like a powder. It does in person too. Maybe a kind of sticky powder? But no. When you touch it, it’s fluffy and cool, almost like a mousse. And it goes on like a light cream, that dries almost instantly into a powdery feel. There’s absolutely no wait time between application and then putting something else on top or around it.

How are the colors?

Currently, this eyeshadow comes in 3 colors. And that’s my only complaint right now. Because I need this in all the colors, ok? But don’t get me wrong, these colors are pretty amazing. A brilliant gold, bright cool pink, and a rich warm pink. Unfortunately I can’t really use pink around my eye area, because it makes me look like I’ve been sobbing. But the gold. I’ve been wearing the gold every single time I go out because WHY NOT. It’s glorious! The pinks actually make for a fun blush too, if you like a wildly sparkly blush.

Should you get a color or two?

YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. In fact you should go get it right now.

Have you tried this product yet? Will you be trying it? Let me know in the comments below!