I get a lot of questions about gluten free shampoo.  And it’s no wonder!  It’s hard to find and many many Celiacs have reactions from gluten on their scalp.  I’ve heard everything from loosing hair by the handfuls, to open sores, to headaches.

While there are several gluten free hair care companies online, finding gluten free shampoo in stores can be nearly impossible.

However, there is one company that can be found almost anywhere with a health food section:

Ecco Bella

I’ve known about Ecco Bella for a very long time, having practically grown up in Whole Foods.  But it was only recently that I realized they are 100% gluten free (though untested)!  They have a full line of all natural, vegan, cosmetic, skincare and body care products, including shampoo!

But the thing with “all natural” shampoo is that as often as not, it just doesn’t seem to clean well.  I don’t like to step out of the shower and still feel like my hair is dirty even though I washed it 6 times, thank you very much.  My hair is very oily, the kind of oily that I can’t go without washing it for more than a day, otherwise it just looks awful.  So I’m pretty picky about my shampoo!

Ecco Bella’s Vanilla Shampoo

First off, this stuff smells amazing! Sorta like one of those really yummy vanilla candles. Not the cheesy ones, the yummy ones. And the scent does last for a while! I’ve found myself wishing for vanilla cupcakes on more than one occasion after using this shampoo…

But most importantly… This shampoo does clean very well! I usually end up washing it once more than usual with chemical shampoos, but my hair comes out feeling good and clean and lookin’ shiny!

There’s almost no lather to the shampoo, but that’s absolutely normal for all natural shampoo. It does not impair the cleaning at all, nor does it interfere with the shampoo-y texture. :tounge:

Ecco bella’s vanilla conditioner

Now, as a disclaimer about the Conditioner… Since I do have oily hair, I almost never use this type of product. If I use it on my scalp, my hair is dirty within 12 hours. But sometimes, when my ends feel dry and lackluster, I like to use a little on my ends only. Lately, I’ve been having that problem, so the conditioner arrived just in time. 😎

This stuff is like silk! I love the way my ends feel after I use it. I can’t say I’m much of an expert on conditioners, but here’s what I can say: Even when my ends feel dry, I usually dislike using conditioner. Not so with Ecco Bella’s. My fine hair is naturally silky, but this conditioner takes it to the next level. Now, because of that, it can make styling extra tough for my already difficult to style hair. However, since half the time I just don’t fight it and throw it into a ponytail anyway, that doesn’t bother me too much.

I really like Ecco Bella’s shampoo and conditioner! It’s nothing particularly unique, just your regular joe shampoo and conditioner. But in the gluten free world, where just plain ‘ol dependable items can be a pain to find, Ecco Bella makes it easy to grab a safe bottle of shampoo right off your grocery store shelves.

Thank you ecco bella!!!

Check ’em out! Most health food stores, or grocery stores with health food sections carry Ecco Bella, but they don’t always have all the products. So talk to your local store and if all else fails, you’ve still got the website. 😉