Unicorn craze is EVERYWHERE. Literally everywhere. Rainbows and sparkles and unicorns and unicorn merchandise and everything.

I’m not a fan.

This isn’t code for “I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT”. I just don’t care that much about pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.

That said, when you get your hands on gorgeous highlights that give insane sparkle and shimmer, with lovely colors that are both sophisticated and remind you of wearable unicorns…

You start to appreciate the craze a little more. (you = me in this scenario)

Bathe your skin in shimmer

Called Whipped Sunshine Highlighters, Monave’s brand new product line goes on creamy and smooth. Easily buildable, you can get sorta subtle shine with one coat, or madhouse glitter party with a couple coats.

You should know I went madhouse glitter party for a party with a lot of glitter involved, and my makeup was the talk of the town.

The colors on the website (as of the time of this writing) are not the only ones available. As you can see, I got sent 6 to try out. Ranging from gold to soft pink to bright silver, all the colors make sense for a highlighter.

They are soft and blendable, working beautifully into the skin. I’ve considered putting them on my eyes, but am pretty sure they would crease away into oblivion with all my blinking.

Live hard, sparkle young

The formulas are so soft and natural, the owner of Monave warns the highlighters have a bit of a short shelf life. Not because they will turn rancid, but simply because they will dry out.

Considering the small container and extremely inexpensive price of the products, this is perfectly easy to accomplish.

So live with maximum sparkle while it lasts. Highlight everything to perfection. Maybe even douse your collarbones and the tops of your shoulders in unicorn sparkles.