I’ll give ‘ya 3 reasons:

  1. They are tested gluten free
  2. They are beautiful
  3. They are awesome

That enough to convince ‘ya? Not really? OK, then here’s a more detailed reasoning. 😉

Y’all probably already know that I’m a huge Red Apple Lipstick fan. Their products are very high quality, their colors a wonderful blend of trendy and classic, and everything is lab tested gluten free.

I was already in love with their lip pencils and honestly didn’t think there was much to improve on! But RAL decided to try anyway and just released a brand new version:

Retractable Gluten Free Lip Pencils

So they’re gorgeous, right? Love the new colors!

But there’s just one problem with retractable lip pencils in general: They’re usually waxy, brittle and stiff. Even when I was little, I preferred regular crayons to retractable crayons, and as color for paper turned into color for eyes, my opinion remained the same. So the question is, does RAL’s retractable lip pencils follow the same old pattern of lameness?

In true Red Apple Lipstick form, NO they do not.
RAL’s new lip pencils are creamy, smooth, easy to apply, yet still freely moving in their cases.

They are, in short, everything the old pencils were plus those wonderful bonuses of retractables- super portability and NO sharpening. Toss this in your makeup bag- no breaking and no lost tips. Easy and fast gluten free lip liner!

RAL’s retractables come in 4 new colors:

official pics from RAL’s website

I was delighted to finally find a retractable gluten free lip liner that actually works! It’s everything I could wish for and I haven’t a single complaint. They are, in every way, perfect. Check ‘em out for yourself! You won’t regret it. 😉