2023 UPDATE:: intuitive COLOR has apparently gone out of business. Their website is nowhere to be found and Googling them brings up nothing. If you have any left, don’t worry, it’s still fine. If you run across leftovers in a store, GRAB THEM ALL. But they are no longer selling or making them, so they have been removed from the list.

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Y’all already know that I’m head over heels for Gluten Free Beauty. Their products are sensational and work wonders. I am continually blown away by how fabulous their skin care products are.

Now the creator and owner of Gluten Free Beauty, Kristen Campbell Brown, is in the process of launching an entirely new company focused exclusively on makeup.

Introducing intuitive COLOR.

Being a crazy huge fan of Gluten Free Beauty, I had high hopes for intuitive COLOR. And I was not disappointed.

Intuitive COLOR

Intuitive COLOR is currently only making foundation, but oh what a different foundation it is. It’s applied in three steps with three different products.

Smooth, Color, Set – intuitive COLOR

You can actually mix and match these steps, but for the optimum look and healing power, use all three. It doesn’t take too long.


Nourishes the skin, soothes it and makes an excellent base to prepare your skin for the next step. I’ve actually been using this for a while, only under a different name. What I love about it is how fabulous a base it makes and how simultaneously it heals and moisturizes. Helps to cover pores, never sticky, helps to hold the foundation in place as though it were nearly part of your skin. It also just so happens to smell lovely. Bonus. 😎


At a glance, this fine powder looks pretty much like your average foundation. But it is in fact wildly different. The ingredients are:

Kaolin Clay, Boron Nitride, Pearl Powder and Iron Oxides

No Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which is said to be a big contributor to cakey makeup. These are all the lightest foundation materials possible, to create a powder that feels practically weightless yet still has good coverage.

Now, I would not say this has excellent coverage, on the grand spectrum of foundation coverage. It is what I would classify as a light coverage foundation. Buildable of course, but with an average application, still light. Now despite that, the coverage it does give belies it’s weightless feel. No foundation this light should give this much coverage. It defies logic. And it builds beyond what I’ve ever experienced without cakiness. I’ve yet to find that point where the foundation is so built up that it looks cakey. Therefore you could get incredible coverage with several layers of this foundation and still look fresh. No cakiness.


To finish off the look, perfect the finish and hold it all in place. What I love about this finishing powder is that it is entirely grain free. Many setting powders use rice flour or corn starch and for most people that’s perfectly fine. But with so many people avoiding gluten also avoiding other grains, it’s just something that’s always bothered me. This one does the job well without any type of grain.

I had a pretty shocking experience with intuitive COLOR on Saturday.

On Friday I got glutened. The restaurant was supposed to have fabulous gluten protocols in place too! But alas, either the new staff were untrained or they just always goof at that location. No idea, but I’m not going back. Anyway, my skin was enraged. Blotchy red all over my face, black circles under my eyes, random lumps and bumps… I felt like it was a zombie looking back at me in the mirror, nasty skin and all. Except it wasn’t green. Or torn. Or bleeding. Yet.

I was exhausted, but we were going out to a place where pictures would be taken. And I did not want that zombie face in that picture.

As I dug through my makeup box, I weighed the pros and cons of each foundation. Super heavy coverage, but tough to wash off? Hmm, too much energy required in clean up… Medium coverage that’s easy to wash off? Or-! Or relatively light coverage that has ingredients like a facial and could actually help my skin. Conversation with myself over, I grabbed intuitive COLOR’s color and just slapped it on. Sorry folks, not nearly enough energy to use much smooth first. I used only a wee bit under my eyes, because it would take a miracle to cover those gorgeous half shiners. It would have been better to use it all over, because it helps to intensify the coverage and increases the healing power. But one makes sacrifices when one has been glutened.

Several layers of foundation later- holy cow, I look almost normal. Almost. My eyes and actually my entire face is still puffy and I can’t hide that. But those circles are barely noticeable, the blotches are smoothed out, my skin looks soft and shockingly even. I looked in the mirror and saw a tired, rather puffy me. Not a zombie.

But the real surprise came when I took my makeup off.

My skin was smoother, less blotchy. The nasty breakouts looked less angry, though of course they were still there. The overall appearance was so much better than I’d expected, I just stared at my reflection. Only the shiners were still in full bloom. Everything else… Gentled. Taken care of. Pushed along the road to recovery much faster than I’d anticipated.

I was excited about this foundation before, but after that experience, I’m really excited. This fills a place in the makeup industry that I never realized needed filling. Feather light, buildable to something close to extreme amounts, non-cakey, super simplistic ingredients and just about as free of allergens as you could wish. Perhaps best of all, it cares for your skin in a way that I have never before seen in a foundation. In fact, as far as I know, it’s never before existed.

I would totally recommend intuitive COLOR. This company is going places!

Right now, intuitive COLOR is in the process of being fully launched. But you can still get the whole set through their Indiegogo page. Snag a set or two or TEN of intuitive COLOR and help launch a new company off the ground at the same time.