(Update 2020: If you are looking for gulten free makeup at Ulta, check my post here.)

Once upon a time, finding gluten-free makeup in stores was impossible.

But the world has changed. New options abound. And now we’ve evolved to talk about two different levels of topical gluten sensitivity: Sensitive and Extremely Sensitive.

Brands and products for both of these categories are now available in stores. You might have to look a little harder for some of them. But they exist and you can find them. So let’s go!

Gluten-free makeup for extremely sensitive lovelies

Starting here, because everyone can use these companies. No matter how sensitive. No gluten ingredients, no cross-contamination. Clean, clean, clean.

BITE Beauty

What it is: Company specializing in natural, luscious lip products.

Available at: Sephora


What it is: Organic and natural cosmetic company with a ton of cream-based products

Available at: Sephora

Ecco Bella

What it is: Full line of all-natural, vegan makeup. Been around forever, still a good, inexpensive choice.

Available at: Whole Foods, Central Market, lots of local health food stores (check here)

Gluten-free makeup for the less-sensitive lovelies

For the lovelies OK with potential cross-contamination in products on their skin. Each of these companies are free of gluten-ingredients, but may have come into contact with gluten ingredients during processing.

Also, remember: Most gluten ingredients in makeup are ones with trace amounts of gluten. So these products might be cross-contaminated with ingredients with trace amounts of gluten. How willing you are to risk this is up to you. 😉

Physicians Formula

What it is: Outrageously cheap, but still pretty darn good makeup. EVERYTHING of theirs is now gluten-free. Cross-contamination is possible, but unlikely.

Available at: Ulta,  Walmart, Target, iHerb


What it is: A beauty brand that straddles the line between natural beauty and high-tech products. The cult-following is deserved.

Available at: Ulta, Sephora


What it is: An all-natural beauty brand focusing on making the world a better place through sustainable beauty. Do avoid the Bio-Extreme Lip Gloss though. It’s their one product with gluten ingredients in it.

Available at:UltaTarget

Too Faced

What it is: Girly, fun, huge brand with a cult following.

Available at: UltaSephora


What it is: A brand whose entire schtick (get it?!) is to have makeup in stick form for everything. Creamy makeup that helps you do nude perfection on a regular basis. About as low-maintenance as you can get.

Available at: Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s

Which makeup brands will you be dashing out to try? 😉