What’s your favorite confidence boosting makeup product? Is it mascara? Bold red lipstick? Bright blush? Well for me, it’s liquid foundation. I do love a bold lipstick, but nothing boosts my confidence like knowing my skin looks perfect. But finding the perfect gluten free liquid foundation has been nothing short of a challenge. I’ve tried some I like before- some of them very much so. But I hadn’t found one that made me say “Perfection has been reached”. Until now.

You have almost certainly heard of Illuminaré before. They are beloved by celebrities and makeup artists of every age and every style. I finally checked them out after seeing Emily Deschanel wearing it, but they have also recently been seen in Harper’s Bazaar and Fitness Magazine. Plus their foundation is being used in TV shows “Bones” and “Touch” (and Miss Touch-Fangurl here had a mini freakout over the latter). You can see some of their press appearances here.

It’s pretty rare for a company with clients like this to be safe for gluten sensitive. but illuminaré is.

I read somewhere that this is a natural makeup. Well, I don’t know a whole lot about natural makeup, but Illuminaré does use parabens in some of their products. Not in the foundation, I’m happy to say. But they are not an all natural brand. What they are is a mineral based brand. I was told by customer service that Illuminaré uses nothing that once was alive in any of their products. Therefore it’s both vegan and gluten free.

the question is: is this hype really true? is this really such an amazing brand? and is this really some gluten free liquid foundation to get excited over?
Well… Read on and find out.

Here’s what I got to try:

  • Liquid Foundation Sample Pack- Fantastic Finish, Extra Coverage, Ultimate All Day
  • Fast Application Sponge
  • Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner
  • All Day Mineral LipColor – Bliss

However, in this first part of the review I shall only review the three different liquid foundations and the application sponge. Stay tuned next week for the rest of the review!

Gluten free liquid foundation

There are three different finishes for the gluten free liquid foundation, however they all have the same colors.

Overall, I found the liquid foundations to be fantastic. I loved them. They cover well (especially the extra coverage), they stay all day long, wash off easily and best of all, look shockingly natural on the face.

However. Illuminare has perhaps one of the worst sets of shades I’ve ever seen. 5 total colors. The shades are not bad in and of themselves, but it’s simply not enough variation. I had to carefully blend the Porcelain and the Fair to get the right shade for me. It’s a bit annoying and I wish they would expand their color line. It especially stinks because this would mean I have to buy two tubes of foundation at once, causing me to hope I use it all before it goes bad. With as concentrated a formula as this is, I’m not sure I’d use it all in time. Then again, I use liquid foundation as a confidence booster, not a daily foundation. Perhaps if I used it more frequently, it wouldn’t be a problem to use up in time.

Now for the specific formulas:

Moisturizing (Fantastic Finish)

This has a gorgeous silky, dewy finish to it that leaves a fresh faced look. It’s moisturizing, but not overly so. The coverage is good, but I liked to use the extra coverage over anything I really needed to cover.

Concealing (Extra Coverage)

Of the three formulas, this is easily my favorite. Because I use liquid foundation when I truly need flawless skin, typically when I need coverage, I need coverage. And this gives it to me. It’s amazing. Powerful magic-like coverage while maintaining a naked appearance.

Mattifying (Ultimate All Day)

No joke on the mattifying! This cut down on any hint of shine and did away with the need to finish off with some sort of powder. The coverage is quite good, better than the Fantastic Finish, but not as heavy as the extra coverage.

Fast application sponge

Applying the liquid foundation flawlessly and yes, quickly, this sponge turned out to be a fun and easy way to put on the foundation. It really helps to blend the foundation and allows you quite a bit of control over how you put on. I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy the sponge this much, but I do. Fantastic tool to have in your kit.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Illuminaré’s gluten free liquid foundation, and of course the application pad. I’m deeply impressed at the quality, love love love the textures and coverage and love how gentle it is on my skin. If they were to add more colors to the line, I’d say it was pretty much a perfect foundation. As it is now, Illuminaré is close anyway.

This fulfills all those things I need in a liquid foundation to give me that boost of confidence.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the illuminaré review! Now that we’ve covered the gluten free liquid foundation (see what i did there?), we’ll move on to the lip color and to the everlasting cream eyeliner.

what is your favorite confidence boosting makeup?