The simplicity and natural nature of mineral cosmetics appeals to me. I love how light loose powders feel on the skin. I like how well they stay through the blazing, humid Texas heat. I like how earth-friendly they can be.

But it’s rare to find a mineral foundation with very good coverage. I’ve usually tried them, liked them, but set them aside mostly to use on top of liquid foundations so that I can get the coverage my acne-prone skin really needs. But now, I’m reaching for these loose mineral makeups again and again. Why? Because…

  • The coverage is everything I need on most days
  • It lasts all day
  • Is a fantastic color
  • Has the prettiest finish I’ve EVER seen for loose mineral makeup

Get ready…

Mineral Foundation

This is the best mineral foundation I’ve seen in a long time. EASILY the best in it’s price range. And perhaps the best ever.

The coverage is amazing. I tend to shy away from using mineral foundations on a regular basis because my skin is very acne-prone. There are a lot of imperfections, a lot of lumps and bumps and scars that I really just prefer to not be visible. I’ve used a lot of mineral foundations in the past because of how safe they are, but I’ve been disappointed and the overall coverage and the texture of the product after applying in such a way that it covers most of my imperfections.

But look at that coverage. Look how good my skin looks. You can still see some problem areas, so it’s not like a magic eraser. But it still incredibly good. Not sure I can say anything else that is as compelling as how good those pictures look.

Although I will say this- one of the many beauties of mineral foundation is how amazingly well it stays in heat and humidity. With no creams or oils to melt, it just stays on all day. It even stays looking amazing through a workout (tested and proven by my sweaty self).

Mineral blush

For a natural blush, this stuff is perfect. They have only a few colors of blush right now, but they are versatile and clean. The coverage is a bit sheer, so it’s easy to get a totally natural look out of it.

Mineral contouring powder

It’s so easy for contouring powder to be way too dark. I’ve used a lot of them that were just the wrong shade, or to pigmented, or something to make it difficult to use and anything less than an extreme editorial look. Not so with this contouring powder! It’s perfectly pigmented so you can definitely get a solid Shadow going. But it’s not so pigmented you’ll be fighting it the whole way. It’s blendable, buildable, and fantastic shade for a naturally contoured look. I have a round face, so I like giving myself some extra cheekbone and jawline definition. I often skip this if the day is just a casual looking one. It can be a little bit dramatic. But with this powder, you could contour everyday if you wanted.

Mineral finishing powder

This product claims to have an airbrush finish. Usually, when I hear claims like that, I am deeply suspicious. However this product truly lives up to the airbrush hype.

The foundation already has a pretty good finish on its own, but when you put this finishing powder on top of it, it has this incredible texture that I was not expecting. As you can see in the pictures above. I mean, look at that! So clean, so smooth, with such a velvet look to it. What’s more, even as my face sweats and oozes oil all day long here in the Texas Heat, my foundation continues to look amazing.

Not many foundations that can continue looking this good all day long. But with the foundation and the finishing powder, totally can. I’m using this finishing powder even on other foundations right now. It works just that good.

Mineral highlighter

And finally, the beautiful highlighter. There is so much highlight power in this stuff, it’s insane. Personally, I love an intense highlighter. I love to have plenty of building power and plenty of shine to give me that strobe look. I find that strangely hard to find in mineral makeup. But this is exactly what we’ve got here.

Since it’s a loose powder, you can put as much or as little as you need on. It’s not so much glittery, but there is a definite sheen to it. You can see the poppin’ highlight in the pictures above. Although on other days, I’ve done it more subtle and with less drama.

Again, I keep using this highlighter on days when I decide I do need more coverage than just a mineral foundation. Because the highlighter is just that good.

These products are so easy to use, beautiful and reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a fantastic, light-weight, stay-all-day mineral makeup, Beauté Minerals has got ‘ya covered. Thoroughly covered. 😉

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