Sunkissed Eyes

As spring rolls in, what are you changing in your makeup routine?

With warmth flooding in and the sun growing bolder, it’s time to shake up your look. Gone are the days of dark eyes and gobs of liner. In comes the bright and the fresh.

Double whammy if it’s also outrageously fast to put on.

To celebrate spring and the oncoming sun, I decided to create this cheery, bronzer-based look. And whudaya know, it’s now one of my very favorites! It’s so easy, so fresh, and adds warm definition without taking away from your natural eyes. Best of all, you probably have all the products on hand already.

  1. Sweep a nude shade over your lid. (we used this one)
  2. Dust bronzer into your crease. Bonus points if it’s the one you used on your face! (the entire look was done with this bronzer)
  3. Dab a gold shade into your inner eye. (we used the color Sand here)
  4. Apply illuminator on your brow bone. Again, you can use the same one you used on your face. (my absolute favorite is this one)
  5. Apply mascara to your upper lashes. (the fabulous one of today is this one)

Super easy, right? Try it yourself!

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